The Ring.

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The Steelers received their Super Bowl rings on Sunday. Rings which I found to be extremely well done, tasteful, and not too gaudy. The fact that I like the ring is astounding because I actually hate rings on men, other than wedding bands. I am not a fan of those big college rings that guys wear, at all.

But damn, this is one sweet ring.

The PG reports that the players on the whole love the rings, but that James Harrison was “disappointed” because it wasn’t as “flashy” as he hoped it would be.

“It’s nice, I like it, but I thought it’d be a little more flashy,” said Harrison, wearing the ring on the middle finger of his left hand.

My first reaction was that Harrison must have been joking. Not FLASHY enough? The only way it could be more flashy is if the Steelers logo on the front did a little spinny thingy and then a little voice box said, “We dey!”

I went to the Trib’s article and they got that Harrison was joking.

Linebacker James Harrison, seemingly in jest, said he wanted even more. “I thought it would be a little more flashy,” Harrison said, proudly modeling the ring. “I’ll still wear it for two or three months.”

Then I went to the KDKA site to watch the raw video, and I’m not so sure he was joking.

Then I looked at WPXI’s photos (As you can see, I did a LOT of research on this very stupid issue.) and realized that by looking at the second photo in the gallery that yes, this ring is NOT as gaudy nor flashy as other NFL rings. I know this because just a few weeks ago while attending a work luncheon, I had the good fun to sit next to a man who was wearing an NFL Official ring (I guess he was a former NFL ref) and my Lord. I think the thing had three times more diamonds than this one, and looked twice as big. It put the God! in gaudy.

Of course that might be because I was sitting right next to the thing, live, in person. I guess the only way to lay this “not flashy enough” argument to rest is to see it in person. Hines? Call me.

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    June 5, 2006 4:41 pm

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