Word, pigeon!

I agree with Mia’s comment. It certainly didn’t take until Friday for me to get quite sick of the insane, constant coverage of Benny’s accident and recovery.

WTAE did a computer generated reconstruction of the accident scene, everyone from Tom Brady to Tiger freakin’ Woods has been asked his opinion of the accident, the Trib dug up the contact info from our first round pick in 1983, Gabe Rivera, who was in an accident that ended his career, WTAE interviewed kiddies at the Pitt Panther Kiddie Football Camp for their reaction to the accident, the PG had NINE articles about the accident just today, a raging debate has begun over should the helmet law be reinstated, should it be called Ben’s Law, and would wearing a helmet even have helped him at all, and to top it all off, WPXI has a video of Rick Earle driving Ben’s “fateful” route.

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I can’t take another minute of it. Even today a pigeon walked up to me and said, “I’ve had about enough of this shit.”

Word, pigeon. Word!

What, Burghers, do you imagine this city would be like if Ben had DIED?! If this incident has taught Ben anything, I hope it teaches him that he better live to be 100 years old, because PittGirl will NOT be able to handle the insanity surrounding his actual death.


  1. Tunesmith
    June 14, 2006 4:49 pm

    Rick Earle should have taken the re-enactment to another level by wearing a helmet or at least putting his seatbelt on.

  2. Lino Gunn
    June 14, 2006 7:39 pm

    Geez & crackers enough already. Being new to the area I’m up to here with it all…..too bad Ben is’nt as ugly as a broken mud fence then we would’nt have to put with the mindlessness.

  3. Fin
    June 16, 2006 10:27 am

    This is beyond ridiculous. There’s a 12 year old girl missing, and they didn’t update the news last night until they spent 10 minutes talking about Ben and his release from the hospital. When will the news stations get their priorities straight?