A look inside a Bengals fan’s inbox.

You may or may not remember that my best friend from college lives in Cincy, is a season ticket holding fan of the Beagles (as I call them), and he has decided that my inbox needs to know what the Cincy fans are finding in their inboxes:

So far he has gleefully sent me the following two images:

“We’re happy to hear that Ben’s surgery was a success:

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And also, this image of the new Ben jersey:

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Am I a bad Burgher because both of those made me laugh out loud?


  1. paperback writer
    June 15, 2006 1:53 pm

    No, they made me laugh too.

  2. dwight
    June 15, 2006 3:08 pm

    HAHA. I am CRYING!!!

  3. pittgirl
    June 15, 2006 3:39 pm

    Good. Now I don’t feel like such a horrible human being for laughing at Ben as Sloth. Long live the Goonies.

  4. sally
    June 15, 2006 4:58 pm

    Watch out, Ben-sloggers – even the academics in this town are offended on behalf of Bennie. Here’s a quote from the PG this morning (regarding posting from Cinci about toothlessness and Burgh inbreeding), “Dr. Paul Friday, the director of clinical psychology at UPMC Shady Side, said the posters of these comments are people with psychological problems whose brains never fully developed.”
    Oh, that explains it. And actually a lot of other things about OH.

  5. pittgirl
    June 16, 2006 7:59 am

    I laughed out loud on the bus when I read that article, because when they started talking to the Dr., I figured he was going to go into some serious discussion of clinical psychology and instead comes out with , “They have underdeveloped brains.” Awesome.