Hot diggity dino man!

You know what makes PittGirl’s Friday, other than the fact that it is Friday, it is sunny out, and Nacho Libre opens today? Sitting on my bus and opening my newspaper to find a picture of Matt Lamanna staring back at me, with his big beautiful brain on display for the world to see.

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I read the article completely and thouroughly. Do you think I give a rat’s ass about the Gansus yumenensis? No more than I care to know how to make a homemade light saber.

However, I DO give a rat’s ass about this hot 30-year-old local dinosaur expert. I’m still on my campaign for him to be named one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 25 Hottest Burghers, rather than the fug they usually name.

He’s going to be on The Science Channel on Monday at 9:00 p.m. (originally aired in February, but I missed it and didn’t even know about it until a reader told me). My Tivo is set. And while we’re talking about Tivo, I think I may have become a little TOO reliant on the thing. The other day, my sister did something funny, and I instinctively tried to rewind real life so that I could see it again.

And to bring this post back on topic: Matt Lamanna is HOT!

Also, Matt? Might want to have IMDb spell your name right, and put a picture of your hot self on there, damn it.

I should totally be a publicist or something, no? Look what I’ve already done for Wendy Bell!

Also, click here for more Matt hotness.

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