It is NEVER going to end.

Nope I’m not talking about Benny. That’s actually starting to die down a bit, thank God.

I’m talking about that damn list.

Today, one of the parents of a girl named in the list filed a lawsuit against the boy that wrote the list, seeking a jury trial and more than $25,000 in damages. The father says his daughter was harassed at school because of the disgusting and revolting things said about her and her female anatomy, and that she missed many days of school over the embarrassment.

Okay, granted, that is super embarrassing and yeah, I’d let my child stay home from school for a bit until she could accept it and move on, but how is dragging the entire thing to the courts, in front a jury no less, so that not only they, but eventually the public will likely get to hear just what disgusting things were said about your daughter, going to bring any closure for your child?

I bet the kids aren’t even talking about what was in that list anymore. It’s old news and this parent is dredging it up all over again, because his daughter was embarrassed. Yeah, that makes sense.

Let the damn list die already.

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