Dom Costa isn’t annoying for very long

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Oh my God, you sucky sucky people named Ms. Fox and Voices for Animals, would you give the old, poor, having a shitty year and just wants to go home, man his dog back?!

“We are attempting settlement negotiations and I think there’s a good chance we will settle this amicably,” she said.

She declined to say whether Bandit was still in the Pittsburgh area.

Negotiations? “Declined to say”? Is this dog shitting diamonds or something?

I don’t care if the man is old, and I don’t care if he abandoned the dog … he had no choice. There aren’t many groups of people going through crappier times than those of the 9th Ward in New Orleans … just ask Woy.

If Bandit could talk, he’d probably tell you to kiss his furry ass, that he hates the Burgh weather, and to please put him on the first plane to Houston so he can see his best friend.

Give the man his dog back … and for good measure … ,you sucky sucky people.

I’m having weird Elian Gonzalez flashbacks suddenly. Where’s Janet Reno when you need her to storm in and take things that don’t belong to people?

Oh, and anyone attempting to keep Bandit from returning to his owner, you have dethroned Dom Costa as Annoying Burgher. Your crowns are in the mail … and by “crowns” I mean flaming bags of poo.


  1. Bryan
    June 26, 2006 12:19 pm

    RIGHT ON. I saw this story and I simply can’t believe these people.

  2. Hazel Hazel
    June 26, 2006 12:25 pm

    It’s a damn shame, for sure.

  3. Kennedy
    June 30, 2006 11:09 am

    You know, when you read an article that’s (pretty obviously to my mind) slanted like that, you guys need to think “is this the true story?” Especially since the very group blamed for this “dog theft’ was quoted in the very same paper months ago for going out and actively tracing the owners of the animals they rescued and taking them back. Doesn’t something seem a little wrong to you here? I’m not going to clarify this for you, I don’t have time. If you want to find out how true all this is, I suggest you go out there and ask the group getting blamed, rather than sitting there and judging from your armchair then writing a blog (which makes you like a regular PG journalist and also a flabby butt doth make). I’m just asking that you use your heads when you read anything in the corporate media – especially anything on the front page of the Sunday paper with a big emotive title.

  4. goahead
    June 30, 2006 10:45 pm

    How hard did VFA try to find Bandit’s owner is the question. Never mind the cat. This story is about a poodle. What did McKosky do when he was told there was someone looking for this dog in ****OCTOBER 2005*** He turned around and adopted him out.

    If the article is “slanted” Kennedy, why don’t you just tell us what really happened. We’re all ears.

    Oh yeah, you don’t have time. Better go back to playing victim. That’s what you’re good at.

  5. Janet Cook
    June 30, 2006 11:11 pm

    Deu 22:1 Thou shalt not see thy brother’s ox or his sheep go astray, and hide thyself from them: thou shalt in any case bring them again unto thy brother.

    Deu 22:2 And if thy brother [be] not nigh unto thee, or if thou know him not, then thou shalt bring it unto thine own house, and it shall be with thee until thy brother seek after it, and thou shalt restore it to him again.

    Deu 22:3 In like manner shalt thou do with his ass; and so shalt thou do with his raiment; and with all lost thing of thy brother’s, which he hath lost, and thou hast found, shalt thou do likewise: thou mayest not hide thyself.

    Deu 22:4 Thou shalt not see thy brother’s ass or his ox fall down by the way, and hide thyself from them: thou shalt surely help him to lift [them] up again.

  6. pighead
    June 30, 2006 11:18 pm

    How do we get in touch with this group? I would love to ask them lots of questions about the dog and the cat.

    Sounds to me like lots of bags of flaming poo are in order here…

  7. Catsmama
    June 30, 2006 11:27 pm


    How perfect! What a tribute to all the pets that are still trying to get back to their owners. It seems a shame that this McKosky person would keep a dog all this time.

    October is just around the corner. I seriously wonder what these crazy people would do if this was their dog. I suspect the answer is they would NEVER leave their dog or cat. Well, I guess the proof would be in the pudding if they had a gun to their heads.

    Hey Kennedy, I would sure like to believe this story isn’t true, but it sounds like it really is. What can you tell us about that the paper didn’t?

  8. Kennedy
    July 1, 2006 12:22 pm

    okay… how about that the offer was made to send the dog back months ago by car? How about that that offer was refused, not by the owner (who probably knew nothing about it since all requests to talk to him directly were refused) but by the Stealth Volunteers, a bunch of mainly women who specialise in reuniting owners and animals oh but it has to be done their way, by them. This dog is elderly and not in fit state to travel in the hold of a plane on veterinary advice, yet they were intent on transporting him that way anyway. How about that the offer was made to send him down with food, heartworm medication and details on how to deal with the nasty medical conditions he had apparently been living with for a long time before the hurricane. How about that that offer was refused because the Stealth Volunteer ladies wanted to take him down themselves (did someone say “photo op”?), yes, in a plane. But then why am I saying this here since most of the comments above are from the SVs anyway (oh do we have time to waste!). Bye bye ladies, some of us have actual work to do in animal rescue. Have fun creating more havoc, delay and unhappiness nationwide for everyone concerned through your meddling. Karma can suck when you don’t play nice and it will come back to you, believe me.
    I’m commenting because I like this blog. Generally I don’t take time to respond to people who know what the deal is and don’t play fair. So there’s the poop (kind of a play on words on the whole “poo” idea…) – I won’t be back to this posting so that’s all folks.
    P.S. Nice biblical quotes – is there something in there to the effect of “and shall be stoned to death all they who infringe upon the law of the Stealth Volunteers”? because there should be.