PittGirl has the heebie jeebies

It is a slow news day here in the Burgh; it is raining (no, really! It is totally raining in Pittsburgh of all places! Can you believe it!?), and a general feeling of blah seems to have settled itself quite nicely over the downtown area.

In fact, the pigeon that approached me this morning didn’t even speak to me. He just looked lazily at me, blinked once, flipped me the bird and walked away (get it? The bird? Get it?!?! I’m being funny here in an attempt to shake the doldrums for you. I hope you appreciate this effort). I think if he had an ass, he would have mooned me.

Anyway, here’s something to make you laugh … or scream … or in my case, give you a case of the heebie jeebies like you’ve never had before. Video of the recent Anthrocon held here in the Burgh.

Seriously, the hairs on my neck stood up, my stomach turned, and I started shivering at the sheer weirdness of it all. The videos that were making rounds in the local news just don’t adequately show the level of dedication these people have to this … um, lifestyle? Hobby?

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I’ve decided that my future children can pretty much throw anything at me: that he/she wants to be a pigeon farmer, that she has joined PETA and will be appearing in Market Square naked, ANYTHING!! But if he/she comes to me and says they have taken to dressing up in furry costumes and cavorting around ridiculously with other furry things … I will lose it.

If you went to this conference and you are offended that I find it weird, you’ll have to forgive me because it isn’t my intention to offend you … however, that said: WEIRD!


  1. Barrister Jubril
    June 27, 2006 2:35 pm

    In the name of all that is good and decent, what on earth are these folks thinking? This makes me want to run somewhere and hide.

  2. Awesome Comet
    June 27, 2006 4:27 pm

    You know, I can totally see how an extreme introvert could get into this … as a way to easily express friendliness and affection under the masque of fuzzy loveablepants. Unless, and until, the cross to the Dark Side, so to speak.

    Boring day FAQ: Why no “contact me” link? Doesn’t have to be your real life email address. Newstips!

  3. Awesome Comet
    June 27, 2006 4:29 pm

    D’oh. “Hit Me Up.” This is what … new?

  4. Jen
    June 27, 2006 5:38 pm

    Hey PittGirl!

    Check this out. Sitting in Denver checking out mascots and came across this gem. Click on Pirates Mascot.



  5. pittgirl
    June 27, 2006 9:44 pm

    Yes, the “hit me up” link is new as of about a week ago. :) So … hit me up.

  6. dwight
    June 27, 2006 9:46 pm

    Makes me think of the episode of the “Golden Girls” where the girls perform the play “Henny Penny” with Rose as Henny, Blanche as Goosey Loosey, and Dorothy as Turkey Lurky. I’ll nickname you Heebie Jeebie, PG, and since I get the creeps and want to cry, in between my bouts of laughter, I’ll be Creepy Weepy. Action!

  7. SysCruncher
    June 28, 2006 5:24 am

    Ok, that’s strange, but I have to admit that I attend a convention each year that could be said that the people act equally as bizzare, if not worse. I also admit that I do not act like these people, actually, I find them a source of constant entertainment.


  8. pittgirl
    June 28, 2006 8:36 am

    OMG, Dwight. Yes, the Golden Girls. How could I forget the Turkey Lurky episode. Right on.

    And SysCruncher? I had to stop watching the video you linked after the man hugged the giant marshmallow with a chair on his head. WTF?

  9. Bryan
    June 28, 2006 11:32 am

    wow… just wow. that gets a big WTF.

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  11. Invasion Of The Furries
    February 4, 2007 2:10 pm

    Once you figure out that there’s nothing wrong with furries, you’ll be soooo much happier. Come, embrace the dark side! There’s cookies! -:)

    Yay For The Backflipping Fox!