Holy trigger finger, Batman!

This security guard that felt it necessary to fire up to four bullets at a fleeing Giant Eagle shoplifter is SO going to be fired.

On the other hand, my father has this theory (jokingly) that incredible, awesome, overreactive violence by law enforcement would solve lots of problems.  For instance, car chases …  the next person that flees the cops and and starts a two hour long police chase on the highway?  Blow the car to pieces in spectacular fashion with a shoulder-fired missle from a helicopter and see if anybody else really feels like running from the cops ever again.

Shoot a shoplifter in the back four times and see if anyone really thinks shoplifting is worth it anymore.

Hmm.  My crazy father may be on to something here.

PittGirl’s dad for president!

And forget the scientologists.  The real people we need to fear are trigger-happy security guards at the local Giant Eagle!  I think I’m going to shop with my hands in the air at all times and will just push my food cart with my stomach.  Just to be safe.

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