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Naked Burghers everywhere!

Okay, not only do we have the Pittsburgh Nude Project and, from now until mid August, you can go to the Headquarters Gallery on East Carson to view lots of naked Burghers in their “Industrially Nude” showing.

The show features images of many local Pittsburgher’s in different levels of undress — arguably one of the most vulnerable positions a person can be in. Yet each image emphasizes the determination of the individual to maintain self despite social mores.

Huh? That’s a lot of words to describe some naked people.

Why the sudden obsession with photos of naked Burghers in the name of art?

The only “level of undress” we should ever see most Burghers is the level of undress achieved by ripping off one’s shirt during a freezing cold Steelers game. Not that I’ve ever done that.

If one of those “local Pittsburghers” is Myron Cope or any of the Steigerwalds, I will vomit. I have no desire to see naked Burghers unless they are naked Steelers. Now THAT would be art worth seeing.

Santonio Holmes does NOT read the Burgh Blog

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said this (read the article, it is eye opening), which by the way is a total and complete lie:

“I haven’t gotten any negative feedback from one person since I’ve been in town the past month-and-a-half,” Holmes said, leaving the impression he thinks it’s perfectly normal for a guy to get arrested twice.

Well, let me raise my hand high and wave it around frantically like a third-grader who’d like to tell Miss Applemuffin what six times two is (the answer, Santonio, is twelve … you’re welcome), so I can be the first to offer some negative feedback.

Santonio … being called an immature asshat is negative feedback.

There ya go.   Consider yourself feedbacked negatively.
And should you become some world-class receiver for the Steelers this year, I reserve the right to pretend I never said a bad thing about you.

Also, Santonio denies that Ben ever called him or left him a message.  WTF?

Checking in with the Steelers

Training camp kicked off in Latrobe yesterday. Let’s check in, shall we?

Troy Polamalu: Still hot.

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Benny: Again with “The Thumb”. Can someone please explain to me how this man happens to recover so quickly from slamming head first into glass and concrete, yet his thumb is more delicate than an eggshell? Geez, Benny.

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Bill Cowher: Looking like he’d just like to know how he can get to the Shuffleboard deck. If that outfit doesn’t scream “I’D REALLY LIKE TO RETIRE SOON!” I don’t know what does.

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Asshat Holmes:Keeping it real and showing us how mature he is.

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Hines Ward: Still being his awesome, smiley self.

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Are you the East End Rapist? Are YOU the East End Rapist?

So they caught the East End Rapist it seems, so “Whew!” to that.

And I really hope they are paying the composite arists what they deserve because when I look at this comparison between the sketch released and the actual suspect,

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I think they deserve about $.56.

I could be staring at that sketch and that guy on the left could walk into my office, sit down three feet from my face, and chat with me for two hours, throw me to the ground, try to bite my face, and I NEVER would have said, “Wait a minute! Dude! You’re the East End Rapist!”

I guess SOME of the blame has to go with the witnesses too, but when the results are this ridiculous, you gotta wonder why they even try.

PittGirl’s next purchase

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It’s the tagline that did it for me … “Let’s Hit the Pavement!”