Suicidal man seeks love … does it get any better?

Ladies of the Burgh, I don’t want to hear a single one of you ever complaining again that there are no good men to date in the Burgh.

For instance, these two winners could be yours!

1. Waste of a Life. – 25

Hello All – I am a waste of a life. I am skinny, short, stupid, ugly guy from the South Hills. Yes, you read right – I suck at life. If it wasnt for my 2 cats and 2 motorbikes I would of taken a bridge by now. I have a good job, but hate going. I have an MBA, but am not smart. It was free, so I got it. I run marathons, but consider myself lazy. I am looking for a girl that can accept fore mentioned items becuase I am a nice person and know how to treat a girl right. Will exchange pics.

He forgot to add … I might kill myself in a violent display of blood and guts while you sleep one night. Yikes. I bet the ladies are SO clogging his email right now.

2.  Are you looking for a good black man … who provides visual proof that he bathes?

At what point in time does a man seeking love online decide to take his digital camera into the shower with him, snap a photo of himself lathering up (totally safe for work link), and then post said photo online thinking the ladies will come begging?

I would guess it is around I’m-a-complete-loser-o’clock in the afternoon.

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