Take a note: Roethlisberger is now a noun.

CBS Golf commentator Gary McCord has taken to using “Roethlisberger” to mean something other than the surname of our fearless QB:

“Let’s just not pick on Phil. What about Monty (Colin Montgomerie), who also blew a golden opportunity on the last hole with a double bogey)? This was one of the greatest collapses of our time, a massive crash,” McCord said. “It was a Roethlisberger. No helmets. They all should have had helmets.”

There you have it Burghers:

A Roethlisberger: In sports, a spectacularly horrible, nasty, massive crash of the choking variety.

So the next time you are watching Vanderjagt shank a playoff winning field goal, don’t be surprised if you hear the commentator say, “My God, he missed it. He hasn’t missed a field goal in over 65 tries and he missed it on the most important game of his life. He has really pulled a Roethlisberger here and I don’t think he’ll soon recover from it.”

Also? Heh. HAHA.

Know why I’m laughing? Because I was reading an article a few days ago on MSNBC about Ben’s recovery and they included this photo with the article. Burghers? I swear I thought it was the first “after” photo of Ben. Totally serious.

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The boy is fug. I love/hate him, but he’s fug. He totally needs to hire PittGirl as his stylist.

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  1. paperback writer
    July 6, 2006 10:22 am

    Besides, he looks better without that beard!