Benny pulls a Streisand.

Benny has put the media on notice that he is not to be photographed from his left side, because he has a healing cut there.

That must be one grotesque cut, the kind that makes dainty ladies retch, if a football player is trying to hide it right?

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Honestly? I’m not sure if that thing I have circled below is the wound in question or if it is lighting bouncing off his head.

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Either way, it’s not that bad Benny.  Chill out.


  1. Lino Gunn
    July 25, 2006 12:23 am

    Ben, oh Ben buddy, has the evil of the ego taken possession of your soul boy? What happened to the young innocent from Ohio?

  2. dwight
    July 25, 2006 1:44 pm

    Close up he does look pretty odd. It’s like Ben but not Ben. Weird.

  3. parakeethome
    July 25, 2006 10:02 pm

    Just noticed – is he wearing a glove on that left hand or is his hand in his pocket? Just curious.