If it’s good enough for David Conrad, my God it’s good enough for PittGirl!

This whole uproar over Dawn “of the living dead” Keezer moving her job at the Pittsburgh Film Office to LA is not dying down.

The short of it:

  • She’s been in charge of bringing movies to the Burgh for 12 years.
  • Some people in the industry apparently hate her.
  • Rob Owen apparently is being blackmailed by her. (wink)
  • As a result of her boyfriend who lives in LA and who was convicted of embezzling, the Burgh’s Film Office was searched by the FBI. Keezer was eventually cleared of wrongdoing and chose to stay with her schmuckish boyfriend, who she is marrying.
  • Keezer has convinced her board she can do a better job if she were in LA.
  • No city film office in the nation, that anyone is aware of, has a paid executive director in LA.
  • Keezer was paid $90,000 in 2004. I’m sure that’s up to six figures now.
  • In a temporary (?) loss of his sanity, Doug Shields freaked the hell out, wrote a letter and publicly called on the board to fire her ass.

And now this.

We simultaneously state our complete and total lack of confidence in the Pittsburgh Film Office to fulfill its mission and its purpose. It lacks any ability whatsoever to represent the best interests of the citizens in this region.

Yikes! And do you see those names? My future best friend David Conrad? Bill Strickland? Let me tell you something, when Bill Strickland asks Bill Strickland gets.

I give Keezer a year in LA before she either resigns or is fired. All this pressure is going to make someone crack.

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  1. Awesome Comet
    July 25, 2006 2:12 pm

    Roger Humphries just threw some grist into the mill, saying that we ought to focus on producing local films and promoting them out THERE, instead of schmoozing LA to try to get their stuff filmed HERE. Sounds reasonable. All Hollywood needs from us anyway is sycophantic townies, cool architecture, and cheap escorts, right?

    Shields, meanwhile, calls on this board not only to fire Keezer, but then to all resign themselves. Homeboy has a real smooth touch.