Santonio Holmes does NOT read the Burgh Blog

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said this (read the article, it is eye opening), which by the way is a total and complete lie:

“I haven’t gotten any negative feedback from one person since I’ve been in town the past month-and-a-half,” Holmes said, leaving the impression he thinks it’s perfectly normal for a guy to get arrested twice.

Well, let me raise my hand high and wave it around frantically like a third-grader who’d like to tell Miss Applemuffin what six times two is (the answer, Santonio, is twelve … you’re welcome), so I can be the first to offer some negative feedback.

Santonio … being called an immature asshat is negative feedback.

There ya go.   Consider yourself feedbacked negatively.
And should you become some world-class receiver for the Steelers this year, I reserve the right to pretend I never said a bad thing about you.

Also, Santonio denies that Ben ever called him or left him a message.  WTF?

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  1. Judge Rufus Peckham
    July 31, 2006 11:36 am

    Santonio should not be a problem any longer — he’s been completely reformed: