The PG and Trib and honest news reporting.

The PG says:

“Mayor Bob O’Connor was reported to be in stable condition yesterday after an unscheduled operation to drain fluied that had built up since the onset of his chemotherapy regiment, creating pressure on his brain.”

The Trib says:

“Mayor Bob O’Connor was in serious condition Sunday night in a neuro-intensive care unit at UPMC Shadyside following emergency surgery to drain fluid accumulating in his brain, according to a medical source close to the case.”

Whoa! One of those is Suzy Sunshine and one of those is “Death is Coming.”

So the PG is playing it down calling him “stable” and having had an “unscheduled operation,” while the Trib is throwing around words like “serious,” “neuro-intensive care unit,” and “emergency surgery.”

And now Yarone Zober is our deputy mayor with all of the powers of Mayor except for the ability to hire/fire staff.

Yarone Zober, or YZ as I like to call him, is all of 31 years old, which I find surprising only because the Mayor chose a 31 year old to work in his stead. I have a hard time trusting employees that are even one year younger than me. They’re such rapscallions, ya know!?

Which is funny because I distinctly remember when I took a two month vacation to Mexico and I met an American girl there who was with her friends on a six month vacation, and when she told me she was 31 (I was 24 at the time), I was like … Damn! She’s old.

Let me remind you that I am 32 years old. Let me tell you that once again, I need to go lie down. Both the Deputy Mayor and the President of City Council are younger than me.

Hey, at least I’m hot and Yarone Zober always looks like someone is tickling him:

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  1. Awesome Comet
    August 7, 2006 12:41 pm

    A truly, madly, deeply surreal day for this comet. I used to do beers with Roni* on at least a weekly basis. He was the kind of guy who could pull mad ass like Pittgirl with only his relentless humor, enthusiasm, and puppy-like guilelessness. Despite the fact that when he smiles he looks like a baked potato.

    Fellow Pittsburghers, I am proud and shocked to tell you that we now live in a bona-fide meritocracy. Bob O’Connor knows damn well what he’s doing.

    * pronounced as in Rice-A-

  2. Ed Heath
    August 7, 2006 11:34 pm

    Um, granted Mr Zober seems a competent and well intentioned fellow (per the PG). I would question a zealous loyalty on his part, and point out that Mr Regan is still the only person who sees Mr O’Connor, and thus has a monopoly on power. Um, first, do we really think that if Mr Zober has an idea he would be allowed to carry it out? Let me point out how he got into his chair. Second, BJ Leber apparently carried some respect among some of the kind of people who support PBS in Pittsburgh, and the other two people fired were seen as new directions in city government. We have to gut the hope of a lot of people who have stayed out of city government for a long time to get Mr Zober?

    And you are saying “meritocracy”. I assume many will think this too harsh, but; could we consider Mr Zober a made man?