Ew. I’m not wearing THAT!

LaMont “That’s big L small A big M” Jones has come out with his back to school fashion advice and holy crap if this is what the cool kids are wearing, I’d really be glad if I was not one of the cool kids as that would mean I or my parents would have to go out and spend money on nasty 80’s Pretty in Pink shittastic clothing that is not going to be in style by the time I get my shopping bags home:

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He looks great, but the hell is she wearing?!  Not even Sally “Fashion is my middle name” Wiggin would be caught dead in that.
And this:

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I’d like to meet the designer that decided it was time to bring the skinny tie and tuxedo jacket back so that I can take his hand in mine and then use it to help him slap his own self around.



  1. Z
    August 8, 2006 3:05 pm

    They should just have Emilio Estevez model it and get it over with.

  2. jl
    August 8, 2006 3:51 pm

    The wedges are fug (especially with skinny jeans…wtf?) and dresses should not be worn over pants, ever. Cute flats instead with a longish (but not dress-length) top and the outfit would be ok.

  3. Julie_Gong
    August 8, 2006 5:09 pm

    I’m kind of disappointed you didn’t put the picture up of them with books on their head.

  4. Ed Heath
    August 9, 2006 7:07 am

    What’s that thing he is carrying in the first picture? Oh, it’s European.

  5. PittLeo
    August 9, 2006 7:34 pm

    The male model is an embarassment to all Asian males.

  6. dwight
    August 12, 2006 4:21 pm

    I’m sooo not taking advice from someone who I’ve been on a PAT bus with. I want my fashion critics to be totally elitist!