Running stop signs is only wrong when you’re poor.

Our normally classy Steelers are suddenly turning into the classless Bengals, getting all arrested and shit.

The police report basically says that Barrett Brooks illegally passed them while riding his motorcycle. They pursued. BB wouldn’t stop. BB ran a few stop signs and a red light. BB finally lost control and fell off his motorcycle. BB tried to get back on and drive away before the cops finally tackled him.

BB says … it’s all just a big misunderstanding you see. First of all, the cops did NOT tackle him … and seeing as this boy is as a big as Rhode Island,

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I’m going to side with BB on that point and chalk it up to wishful thinking on a cop’s part to say that he tackled a Steeler. BB says he was just riding a motorcycle and he didn’t see the cops after him. So you see, no big deal.

Uh, BB? Whether or not you saw the cops … does that mean that everytime you ride your crotch rocket you are running stop signs and red lights?

You suck. Cut that shit out. I’ve got enough asshattery dealing with Santonio Holmes than having to deal with your massive ass perched atop a wobbly motorcycle while you run stop sign after stop sign.

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  1. kellygirl
    August 10, 2006 8:18 am

    Didn’t see the cops after him? Plllllleeeeease! It is just another example of these overpaid overnurtured spoiled big baby athletes thinking they are above it all. Trust me, as someone who once worked for a football agent and witnessed how these guys are coddled and thought of as invincible, this just does not surprise me and I truly believe we will continue to see more and more of this arrogance by these people