Scott Adams hates the Burgh

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Scott Adams, the genius behind Dilbert, came to the Burgh for a speaking engagement, and well, he really hates this place. Actually, he hated it before he got here.

You can go to his actual blog to read gems like this:

I assume that part of Pittsburgh’s strategy involves discouraging tourism by naming their sports teams Pirates and Steelers. It sounds like the kind of place where unless you stuff your wallet up your own ass and clench, someone is going to get it.

I know a lot of Burghers are giving him shit for writing so negatively about us, but oh, how can you hate someone that funny!?

Besides, he wrote this update:

[Update: Okay, it turns out that Pittsburgh is a very nice place. Now I feel bad.]


  1. kellygirl
    August 10, 2006 12:29 pm

    It is the kind of place where someone gets what is in your wallet …. taxes around here are so incredibly high and keep going up with no relief in sight – so, you see, he has a point here.

  2. Ed(bert) Heath
    August 10, 2006 1:29 pm

    So Scott Adams liked Warrendale. Near Cranberry, the fastest growing municipal unit in, what, 2001? I wonder if anyone took him through the tunnel? He rags on the museums, so I wonder if he got pushed through the Warhol, or onto the Submarine? I will say the Pittsburgh’s museums are small enough to go through fast enough and not get bored, probably a good thing. Still, now I am curious where Adams did go in Pittsburgh? I mean, let’s face, you can find a lot of rust around here along with the nice things natives never go to.