Welcome back, PittGirl. You have 398 updates and 250 emails!

Some random crap while I try to return to the daily hustle and bustle of the beautiful Burgh:

1. My annual “trashy beach read” was by Jude Deveraux and was about an angel that falls in love with a mortal and makes love to her in the forest with wood sprites and wings all around. Oh, I laughed and I laughed. This greatly amused me.

2. In my travels to the Outer Banks and back, I did not see one single “I break for Shoo Fly Pie” bumper sticker. This greatly did NOT surprise me.

3. While I was away, the mayor seems to have gotten worse. This greatly saddens me.

4. While I was away, some commenter called me a Burgh broad and an idiot.

There are few things that people in Pittsburgh have come to realize and the first one is that any broad that tries to talk about football like a guy from the ‘burgh sounds like an idiot.

The hell? That’s a lot of suckage for just one person. This greatly amused me also.

5. While I was away, I watched no television except for catching one quick glance of ESPN which flashed the headline that Benny was questionable for this past weekend’s game due to The Thumb. Lord. This greatly annoyed me. But what do I know? I’m just an idiot Burgh broad trying to sound like a man. Arrrrgh! Beer! Boobies!

6. My bloglines account has 398 updates. This greatly overwhelms me.

More later.


  1. kellygirl
    August 21, 2006 1:23 pm

    Welcome back! What part of OBX did you visit? We usually travel there but opted for the Jersey shore and visit to Shoo Fly Pie country on the way back. However, our fave eating place in Lancaster is no longer, so no Shoo Fly for us. We did delight in lots of salt water taffy, fudge, cheese steaks, the best pizza ever and lots of seafood (an at). Hope you had a great time as well. Missed your great daily blogs.

  2. pittgirl
    August 21, 2006 1:32 pm

    The Outer Banks has been a family destination for decades, since I was a child of 7. We started staying in Nags Head, then we’ve migrated to Duck, Southern Shores, Bias Shores, and Corolla. We’ve alternated a few years by throwing in new destinations such as Destin, Florida, Top Sail Island, and next year … Hilton Head.

  3. Scott
    August 21, 2006 2:07 pm

    Welcome back! Hope you’re all tan an ‘at.

  4. Lino Gunn
    August 22, 2006 1:18 am

    The part about Mayor Bobby really sucks. If it was’nt for big Dicky COMSU, we’d all be in the dark, right !