Tonight is the night!

I feel it. Tonight is the night that the Pirates will clinch their 14th losing season.

I hope the newspapers print in HUGE letters, “CLINCHED!” on the front page, and a quote such as this from Jason Bay … “We worked hard man. People didn’t think we could do it, but we knew in our hearts that if we just dug deep … kept making those errors, we would be standing here where we are today. It’s quite a feeling.”

And speaking of the Pirates … over at Dear Mark Cuban, I have been subjected to two nasty comments, one of which called me a yinzer and both of which use erroneous and ridiculous arguments to support their cases, including:

  • While I would love to see the Pirates be a better team — I would prefer to keep tickets affordable. I love being able to go to a Pirates game spend 10 bucks and be able to watch a Major League Team. (Oy.)
  • Besides – even after trading away people like Casey, Wilson, and Perez we still have a number of great players. (yes, but “2” is a number)
  • Since the All-Star game multiple players on the team are batting over .300 and the pitching is looking pretty descent even. (Oy.)
  • While the Pirates might not be the best team in baseball you can’t argue with the fact that they have a winning record at home and swept the division leading cardinals in front of many local fans. (Oy!)
  • If all the current owners cared about was money, wouldn’t he be MAKING some? Wouldn’t he have sold the Pirates and/or moved the team to a real market? (That doesn’t even make sense.)
  • Pgh is mostly about begging…”someone come help us with this…” or “someone come help us with that”…when do the people of Pgh finally take responsibility and fix that rat’s nest up!!!!!!!!!!!!?! It’s not someone else’s job to make Pgh great again! It’s your’s, you yinzer!!!!!!! (asshole.)

There is so much stupid in those comments that I can’t even begin to separate the stupid that I want to snark on from the stupid I want to rant on.

It is exactly fans like these that are the reason nothing has changed in 14 years. We’re settling for “good enough” except it is NOT good enough.


  1. Mia
    August 29, 2006 10:34 am

    Stupidity like that makes me long for some major catastrophy to wipe out mass quantities of the stupid all at once….does that make me a bad person?

  2. Lino Gunn
    August 29, 2006 11:43 am

    When they are that dumb/shortsighted/stuck in the 20 yrs ago mentality, there is no reasoning with them, nor is the effort to do so worth the headache.