We may be stupid, but criminals are stupider-er.

Here’s the story, of a man dressed like a lady, who robbed a bank dressed in drag.

Here’s the story, of two coffee sipping jocks, who chased and tackled and then bragged.

Some thoughts:

  • I would like to say, “Only in Pittsburgh, kids. Only in Pittsburgh” but shit like this does NOT usually happen in Pittsburgh. Are we sure they weren’t filming the Mysteries of Pittsburgh?
  • Was he wearing heels?
  • If you’re going to rob a bank, don’t you kind of want to blend in so that when you leave the bank and the cops are called, all the teller can say is “he was of average height, brown hair, average weight, 30-40 years of age” etc. giving you a nice head start. Not “a man dressed in a dress just robbed the bank.” Criminals are stupid.  Had he been smarter and blended, when the witness called to the jocks that THAT GUY JUST ROBBED A BANK. STOP HIM!  The jocks would have been like, “This guy?  This guy?  This guy?  That one?  Which guy?”  But instead, all that had to be said was, “That dude in the dress!”
  • No criminal stopper will ever top this awesome chick.

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  1. Shamrock7
    August 30, 2006 11:44 am

    Hey guys found your website and I love it keep the Burgh news flowing for us who moved away from the best city in PA…Steeltown forever.