When “I don’t know” means “yes”

Some random thoughts as I munch on my plain bagel with light garden veggie cream cheese (I’m all about the carbs, baby):

1. When asked if the Mayor is on life support, Dick Skrinjar, Mayor O’Connor’s Chief of Making Shit Up, responded with “I don’t know.” Combine that with the fact that UPMC is no longer going to provide medical updates on the Mayor, and the fact that Dick said this Wednesday:

“He was really pleased. He was smiling. He was happy. If he could’ve been chuckling, he would have,” Mr. Skrinjar said.

“A lot of [his communication] is like a thumbs up, or moving his fingers or hands, or the horizontal karate chop,” he said.

That sounds to me like intubation of some sort. In hindsight? I really wish his doctors had let him go to the All Star game before starting chemo. He deserved it.

2. I saw a huge flock of birds intersect another huge flock of birds (who is going the wrong way here?) without a single bird collision, over Route 30 this morning which means that fall is nigh. The air is much crisper today and the breeze is downright cool, so I’d say the birds are right on the money. Birds rock. It’s pigeons that can kiss my ass.

3. The Pirates have yet to CLINCH! their 14th losing season in a row as those scrappy dudes have hung on once again.

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How long do you think before the media finally catches on to the widely used slang meaning of “happy ending”?

4.  Last night I had a dream that Yarone Zober told me that he finally found a new catchphrase and that catchphrase was “Rock on!”.  This brings up a valid question: Why  the hell am I dreaming about Yarone Zober?  I may never sleep again.


  1. notayinzer
    August 31, 2006 10:07 am

    I thought the same thing when I saw the “happy ending” headline…but must admit I wouldn’t mind if Freddy delivered one of those happy endings to me…I heart him & his moles.

  2. Matt H
    August 31, 2006 10:17 am

    1. Freddy looks weird

    2. Yarone Zober is cool

    3. This cooler weather is great

  3. Awesome Comet
    August 31, 2006 3:18 pm

    Are you sure that the one huge flock of birds wasn’t flying ABOVE the other huge flock of birds, or at least beyond the other huge flock of birds in your line of sight? Because even if all the birds could find seams in the other flock’s flight path, you’d think the wind sheer would muck up all the aerodynamics and cause some weird ass tailspins at the very least.