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Representin’ the #8 drunkest city!

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Boy, some people sure take our being named the 8th drunkest city in the country very very seriously.

I haven’t really watched the Bachelor since Byron and Mary got engaged, but hot damn babies I am NOT missing this one. Not when it appears the resident trash is going to be a Burgher. That’s right, it appears in the first episode of the Bachelor, Burgher Heather Sneed of Aliquippa is branded the “drunk girl.”

A big fat tip of my hat to hot reader Ruby Vroom for emailing me as I hadn’t yet read my PG today.

“They’re not kissing,” speculates one of the competitors while Sneed has some one-on-one time with the prince. “She’s throwing up on him!”

She’s not.

Sneed tells viewers she thinks she has an advantage over the other women.

“The fact I’m older, well-educated. I am beautiful,” she says. “I don’t want to sound conceited in that way, but I am.”

Look, PittGirl is not one of those chicks that cannot admit when another chick is hot. Hell, I had conversations on dates wherein a woman walks past and I say to my date, “She is hot.” Again, totally straight. But I am not afraid to see beauty in other women, which is why I will admit that Sonni Abatta and Wendy Bell are HOT and even though she annoys the shit out of me with her stupid little prissy bouncy walk, I can admit that one of my busmates is smoking smoking smoking hot.

So please boys tell me if I am nuts, but Ms. Sneed? Not that hot. Basically just big boobs and good grooming, but not “beautiful” in the Angelina Jolie sense of the word.

Oh, and she’s a nurse.  Let’s hope she sticks around long enough for either some drunk hot tub action or a drunk cat fight.

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And finally today

Danny O is going to veto the no-smoking bill because of a state law that will override the county law that smoking will be prohibited in casinos. The veto may actually stand because some of the council members aren’t pleased with the exemption either.

I totally agree that if you can’t smoke in a restaurant or bar, you shouldn’t be allowed to smoke in a casino.

The state is obviously being blinded by those big dollar signs in their eyeballs and also the state apparently wants all the gamblers and smokers to huddle in one place, get cancer and die.

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Penguins … with guns.

KDKA has a pretty awesome video of a “unique” training program that the Penguins are being put through … miliarty type training, complete with exercising while carrying what appear to be semi-automatic rifles.

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I guess this means instead of just checking our opponents until their eyeballs pop out, the Penguins will in fact be capable of shooting their opponents eyeballs out too.  Could be just the thing we need to turn the team around and be contenders again.

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It is a bye week for the Steelers, and also a bye week for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, however, next week would be the perfect opportunity for you to say “Hello, hottie!” to one of the Burgh’s own rising quarterbacks, namely Bruce Gradkowski who was drafted to Tampa Bay after a pretty good run at Toledo. He went to high school at Seton La Salle and calls Pittsburgh his home.

Tampa’s regular QB Chris Simms had his spleen taken out after last Sunday’s game and well, it takes more than a week to recover from a spleen being yanked out of your body in emergency surgery. Tampa has lost all three of their games and the fans have been asking for Bruce to get a chance, so it is going to be interesting to see how he performs under this pressure.

And you know,

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he’s HOT. ;)

Oh, that marks the first time that PittGirl has ever put a winky smiley face in an actual post. I must be like 12.

Go Bruce!

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Darlene Costa is ACTUALLY always the last to know.

Have you EVER said, “Why am I always the last to know?” PittGirl has said that many times because in my large family I am ALWAYS the last to know … my family is like, “So are you ready for family vacation next week.” And I’m like, “We have family vacation next week?” Or “It’s such a shame Uncle Leo died.” “UNCLE LEO DIED?!?!”

But Burghers, we can no longer claim to be the last to know, because hell, we knew Dom Costa was retiring before his wife did.

When the rumors started swirling yesterday that Dom was going to put in for his retirement, the media called his house and his wife answered and said:

Darlene Costa, the chief’s wife, said last night that rumors that Chief Costa was set to resign were false.

“He’s not resigning. You got that straight from the horse’s mouth,” she said.

Yet today:

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Ouch! If that was me and Dom Costa was my husband … ewwwww [shudder] … I would be seriously thinking about a boycott on sex as punishment for making me sound like such a moron in the press … and so I wouldn’t have to have sex with Dom Costa and have his toupee keep falling in my face … ewwwwwwwwwww. Too much mental imagery.

And also, Darlene, calling yourself a horse. That’s just sad.  You aren’t a horse … but you sure are the last to know.

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