Attention Walmart shoppers, this store is about to fall down the hillside.

Can we talk about this mess on Route 65? Can we talk about the fact that I’m pretty sure the developer couldn’t build a sandcastle, let alone a Walmart on a mountain side.

How the hell does a building site roll down the mountain TWICE, and they just keep on building and digging?

This latest slide, which by the way is STILL falling (if you haven’t yet taken a gander at the damage, can I suggest you check out the tree falling video? Powerful stuff. Branches and shit come down JUST OUT of the camera’s lens), was caused not by the original hillside falling, but the new fill the developer had placed in order to build on a plateau.

This wasn’t mother nature taking down what she put there. This was a future store site falling off the hill.

Do you think any amount of money is going to convince me to EVER visit this Walmart, provided it actually gets built now? No way. I don’t need to be shopping with the worry  that while I’m picking out which dog biscuits my dog will puke up this month, the entire store will fall onto Route 65.

I’m not one of those “Down with Walmart! Walmart sucks! Walmart is an agent of the devil!” people, but I sure am one of those “Please don’t build a store if you aren’t absolutely sure it isn’t going to plummet down the hillside because a worm hiccupped” people.

However, I guess we can at least rest assured that the developer is making clearing the road its top priority.

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The hell! What else would you possibly expect to be their top priority?  That’s like having a child fall down a well and the rescue squad telling the news that “rescuing the child is our top priority.”  As opposed to what? Finding and adopting a dog that looks like Lassie and have it be trained to tell you just when the child fell in the well.  God.

I don’t want to hear you’re making it your top priority, I want to hear that you’ll have that sucker cleared by next weekend.

And P.S., I’m not sure what that picture is of up there, but it sure looks like a diseased nipple.

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  1. ethan
    September 22, 2006 11:10 am

    After spending several years regularly exploring the Dixmont Hospital site, scheduling photo shoots there, and accepting that it needed to be torn down because progress is sometimes necessary (what utility to the community was there in keeping an asbestos-ridden blighted building complex?), I still ask – what the hell do you think happens when you remove all of the rock and trees that held up a mountain for hundreds and hundreds of years? Damn straight, that hill of dirt is coming down! Any eight year old kid, including mine, know it.

    Don’t they include a mandatory college class for civil engineers on *common sense* in design, form, and function?