It is a bye week for the Steelers, and also a bye week for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, however, next week would be the perfect opportunity for you to say “Hello, hottie!” to one of the Burgh’s own rising quarterbacks, namely Bruce Gradkowski who was drafted to Tampa Bay after a pretty good run at Toledo. He went to high school at Seton La Salle and calls Pittsburgh his home.

Tampa’s regular QB Chris Simms had his spleen taken out after last Sunday’s game and well, it takes more than a week to recover from a spleen being yanked out of your body in emergency surgery. Tampa has lost all three of their games and the fans have been asking for Bruce to get a chance, so it is going to be interesting to see how he performs under this pressure.

And you know,

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he’s HOT. ;)

Oh, that marks the first time that PittGirl has ever put a winky smiley face in an actual post. I must be like 12.

Go Bruce!

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