Because you never slaughter a cash cow …

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Does anyone have like any funeral dirge CD’s they can lend me to use while I drink myself stupid tonight?

What yucky news.


  1. Matt H
    October 4, 2006 6:17 pm

    That’s the worst news of the day.

  2. Matt Y
    October 4, 2006 9:03 pm

    No, but I have some sad, funeraly news music.

  3. burghboy
    October 4, 2006 11:55 pm

    Can you blame him? Leaving is like turning down a Powerball ticket for this guy.

    They had the fourth lowest payroll in the league (despite his talking points of ‘a 25 percent increase’), win 30 of their first 90 games, then have their annual ‘second half improvement’. Just enough to bring the sheep out for another year of bobbleheads, fireworks, and ‘a night out’ at the ballpark.


    Not to be bitter.