Luke Ravenstahl vs. Jeff Verszyla

They finally updated the “Redd Up Pittsburgh” page:

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Some thoughts:

1. In Lukey’s letter, he forgot to mention the fact that in addition to street cleaning and demolitions, the Redd Up crew also offers Vicodin for $5 a pill.

2. Gotta love the hand on the hips pose. Somewhere in this city Jeff Verszyla is pissed beyond belief that his signature pose has been hijacked.

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  1. notayinzer
    October 12, 2006 2:17 pm

    The pose makes him look a little chub…maybe he’s going after the beer-gut vote…

  2. PtBreeze
    October 12, 2006 3:14 pm

    Who pays for those billboards??

  3. Mike
    October 12, 2006 3:41 pm

    If he even tries to get the city to pay for the billboards, it’s bad news for him. The Governor of Maryland kept running retarded ads featuring himself and touting how “tourists” should come to Maryland in Maryland. Eventually, he cut it out. But he’s going to lose next month because of that kind of crap.

  4. PGH-to-PDX
    October 12, 2006 4:11 pm

    I believe this is just the webpage update. Can’t remember seeing any of these billboards around Pittsburgh. Generally, though, tax dollars pay for billboards like this. Everytime a new governor gets elected, the signs have to be changed pretty much at every major road at the boarders, rest stops, etc. Some cities also have the mayor’s name on their “welcome signs”, but I can’t recall if Pittsburgh has ever done it.

  5. PGH-to-PDX
    October 12, 2006 4:13 pm

    Sorry, I meant “borders”, not “boarders”.

  6. PittCheMBA
    October 12, 2006 7:27 pm

    David Caruso, the actor on the TV series CSI Miami, is well known for his hands on hips posing. This even goes back to this days on NYPD Blue. So both Jeff Verszyla and Luke Ravenstahl copied the pose from David Caruso.

  7. John
    October 13, 2006 5:43 am

    Horatio Caine! let’s not break character!! I live for character. people are so bland, but when they go South America to kill badguys, they are now Horatio Caine.

    Are you Horatio? Do you kill badguys in South America? YEAH, he still rules…

    Let’s all sing a song about him…
    “for he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s really depraived… and sick, and willing to kill.. WHAT THE FU…

    HEY!!!! let’s not do that again… Horatio, let’s stay in sync with the whole, CSI thing… Let’s not kill people especially around helicopters. That gives us a bad name. I would never fly a bad guy around, and I would never offer Sonni Abatta a ride, just to tempt her. Helicopter guys don’t do that, especially in the burgh.. WEll, ok, if Sonni came bangin’ on the doors, sure… let’s go, Sonni “I wanna make babies with you” Abatta. BUT… if it’s Peggy Finnegan, well… she already had her fifteen minutes when 106.7 the X , or now, 105.9 the X, played the “oh Steve” comedy bit… Pittsgirl… pla…ease find someone who can dig up that comedy bit. IT WAS HYSTERICAL IN THE 90’s!

    “Peggy Finnegan is the shiznit!!!!”

    “I bought your mother juju-bees… they cost like 5 dollars, man!!!!”

    Ok, it wasn’t that funny, but it was a step in the direction a good blogging city, should take.

    ok, I had a few IC’s and I am impaired… so what? it was STILL FUNNY 10 YEARS AGO!

    PLAY IT!!!!!

    LOL, ok, now I am a stalker.. well, let’s make the best of this situation, shall we? I will stalk only those who give the Pittsburgh area their fair due.. and only if they are hot.

    YEAH, so what? I posted to craigslist… I am single, looking for a fellow elephant loving, smoking, Dan Onorato hating, Big Ben loathing, Andrew Stockey type woman who will beat me senseless and give me my fill of river water on our first date.

    Yeah, I am that guy…

    Yeah, I would drape myself in the curtains, and offer a stupid description on craigslist, but hell, I am not the type to stir it up. I am not “extrovert” as you put it. I am the kind who posts stupid pictures in hopes that some woman who posts stupid picutures will sexually satisfy me…

    yeah right!!!! I might as well start pulling it to the sillouette at the top of this blog… Oh silloutte, pittgirl.. you are so hot, and you show your silloutte fanny and breast… oh…

    yes… yes!! oooOOOHHHHHH… that’s it. now let’s cuddle.

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