Bill Cowher should catch up with the news.

Regarding the hoax NFL stadium bomb threat, The Chin said:

“I know Homeland Security wouldn’t allow us to go down there if there was any question at all. Being that Tom Ridge is running that thing, I know he’s a Steeler fan. So, I feel pretty good, honestly I do. I don’t think there should be any fear on anybody’s part. They’re not going to risk something if they think there’s some substance to it.”

Um, Bill?  Tom Ridge hasn’t been running Homeland Security for almost two years now, my friend.

Maybe, just maybe you should pick up a newspaper more than once every decade.

But that’s okay.  Your job is NOT to know who is running what in Washington, nor is it to enunciate your words while containing your spit.  Your job is to win football games and I trust you will not let us down this Sunday.

And secondly, I have to say I love the part about feeling safe because the Homeland Security director is a Steelers fan.

As if Ridge would have said:  “Listen we’ve got a threat on all NFL stadiums this weekend.  Forget the 31 other teams.  We have GOT to get the Steelers to a secure location.”  And his deputy would be all, “And sir, where should we put the Cleveland Browns?” And Ridge would be all:  “Dude.  Cleveland SUCKS.”

Awesome quote, Bill.  Maybe my favoritest ever Chin quote.

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  1. Matt H
    October 20, 2006 2:36 pm

    I think it is a good thing that Chin isn’t following current events. His thoughts and focus should be on the Steelers 24/7 ;)