Hi, 311? This is Doug Shields.

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City Council prez Doug Shields is speaking out on the dwindling number of crossing guards in the city, and cites his own volunteer duty as a crossing guard:

Mr. Shields said he has been helping children cross streets at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Elizabeth Street in Hazelwood for several weeks.

The city budget calls for 159 of the brightly clad public safety workers, and next year’s proposed spending plan, approved by state overseers on Friday, includes funding for 132.

“I’m very concerned, within our budget, about that number going down to 132,” he told council. “Is that enough?”

Three things:

1. Not that him serving as a crossing guard isn’t a nice thing to do or anything, but can I just tell you how tempted I am to drive over to Glenwood Avenue some morning, snap a photo of Doug Shields in a suit and tie with an orange reflector vest, holding a short stop sign, just so I can post it on the blog? Bad, PittGirl! Bad!

2. Sounds like Doug needs to call the Ravenstahl Response Line and get himself a complaint number.

3. I was going to post a picture of Doug Shields’ head on a crossing guard’s body, but seriously, that guy up there is sixty bajillion times more awesome.


  1. Funky Dung
    October 24, 2006 12:26 pm

    I think taking a pic of Shields as a guard is exactly the kind of thing blogs are good for. What MSM news outlet would get pics or video of him doing that without lionizing him?

  2. Clarion
    October 24, 2006 1:01 pm

    Alright, this may be stating the obvious… but I think this guy really picked the wrong profession. I’m sure he’d be a natural at tossing dough and saying “Thats-a Good-a Pizza!”

  3. notayinzer
    October 24, 2006 1:14 pm

    Is the “3” for Dale man purse regulation issue?

  4. theburgher
    October 24, 2006 1:20 pm

    Ravenstahl is moving the city’s children forward into oncoming traffic — without politics, of course.

    Clearly, PittGirl loves a man in uniform.

  5. Pickle Sniffer
    October 24, 2006 1:51 pm

    WTF does MSM mean?

  6. Pickle Sniffer
    October 24, 2006 1:52 pm

    Also, how are Dale Earnhardt and Pink Floyd alike? Their last great hit was “The Wall”! :)

  7. pittgirl
    October 24, 2006 1:53 pm

    I’m guessing Main Stream Media. What did I win?

  8. PtBreeze
    October 24, 2006 3:54 pm

    If he’s still crossing kids by the first snowfall, I’ll bet you he gets pelted by like 80 snowballs.

  9. dee
    October 24, 2006 5:05 pm

    Whew, when I saw the picture I was a bit worried that you were posting another “Men seeking Women” ad from Craigslist.

  10. Lino Gunn
    October 24, 2006 10:25 pm

    All things considered, I’m not real sure I would want this guy anywhere near my kids. Certified looking ID tag or not.

  11. Funky Dung
    October 25, 2006 10:09 am

    I’m guessing Main Stream Media. What did I win?

    Your guess is right. Alas, I have no lifetime supply of Rice-a-Roni or Turtle Wax to give you – not even a lousy copy of the home game. ;)