Being Bill Cowher sucks.

Poor Bill Cowher.  Sure, PittGirl has placed some blame .. AND RIGHTLY FREAKIN’ SO! … on Bill Cowher in the past.

But as Blog n’ Gold points out … there are Steelers fans out there that blame Bill Cowher for EVERYTHING.

Bill The HEAD CAOCH (sic) needs to go if He cant spit, or swear because of his kids then get the blank out…You are a disgrace to the city that is so proud of everything we live for — David P McNulty”

I’m not too concerned about the opinion of one David P. McNulty (or is it McNUTly?) since he can’t even spell the word “coach”.  I also don’t understand the line about “if he can’t spit or swear because of his kids.”

First:  WTF?  Second:  Bill Cowher not spit?!  That’s not even possible.  That’s like Paris Hilton not being a whore.  Ain’t going to happen.  and Third:  Disgrace?!?!  to the city that is so proud of everything we live for?  W.T.F.?!?!  I get me the feeling that the Steelers are the ONLY thing David P. McNutly (sic) lives for.

The Chin isn’t to blame for this loss.

Blame it on the Asshat, blame it on the refs, blame it on the rain (that was falling, falling, blame it on … holy hell where did I go?) … but really, this last game was NOT lost on coaching errors, it was lost on playing errors (Hiya, Asshat.)

Also?  Is David McNulty related to PG reporter Tim McNulty? Just wondering.

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