Should Benny play?

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Despite suffering two concussions in four months, despite being carted off the field looking like he was seeing rainbows shooting out of unicorns’ butts, Big Ben swears he feels fine enough to play the shiteous Oakland Raiders this Sunday.

The Internet is abuzz:

1. First off, the Onion cracked my shit up with this. Thanks to our friends over at for the tip. Every line is pure genius. Every line.

2. Celizik seems to think Ben needs to sit the week out.

3. The Trib did a point/counterpoint that would have been so much more awesome if it had been between Tunesmith and Anthony.

4. And kT over at “Say Whaaaat?” has a nice little letter to Ben with a not so nice closing line. Love it.

My view. Ben shouldn’t play. If he was having brain farts from the first concussion, I don’t WANT to know what his brain will do from the second. He’ll probably mistake Troy Polamalu for PittGirl, throw him to the ground, and start making out with him, screaming, “Love me, PittGirl. LOVE ME!”

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  1. kT
    October 30, 2006 1:24 pm

    it’s definitely really hard for people like you and me to be right all the time. seriously. why are we not coaching the steelers?

    my band played a show at gooski’s on saturday night, at which i tried to get a chant of “charlie batch! charlie batch!” going. alas, it didn’t catch on.