Our justice system makes me feel so safe …

An article in today’s PG, which isn’t available on line, discusses the rounding up of sex offenders in the region as part of a greater national effort.

The article details the arrest this week of Burgher Roger Millspaugh who:

  • served prison time for raping an 8-year-old girl at knife point in 1971
  • was released and then a few years later kidnapped and raped two teenage girls.
  • He was put in prison where he kept a journal of child rape fantasies.
  • He was released in 1999 and then sent back to jail in March of 2002 for Megan’s Law violations
  • He was released and then ordered back to prison in January of 2005 for trolling for victims on the Internet.  When he was arrested he had written child-sex fantasies and a handwritten chart with detailed body measurements of young girls.  He was to serve two years.
  • He was released this October 6, but didn’t bother to report his residence as required by Megan’s Law, which resulted in his latest arrest.  When arrested at the Carnegie Library downtown, he had a stack of more child-rape fantasies he had written.


What does this man need to do to be sent to jail for life or at the very very very very very least be castrated?

Man, if I had a daughter, she’d never leave the house.

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  1. Lino Gunn
    November 3, 2006 6:03 pm

    Perfect example of why we need the death penalty. Because, you know in your heart he will kill a child, more likely sooner than later.