Not going to let this die…

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“Wouldn’t it be great to have a venue that’s better than Times Square?” asked Dr. Ken Melani, the CEO of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, First Night’s main sponsor.

“That’s what we intend to do on New Year’s Eve — to make the gateway to Pittsburgh and the gateway to the Cultural District a venue that beats Times Square.”

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Okay, now I’m just being mean. Maybe in five years when Dick Clark is filming his New Year’s Rockin’ Eve from the Point, I will eat this post.


  1. Clarion
    December 1, 2006 10:07 am

    Wow. What have they been smoking… cause whatever it is it must be some damn good shit.

  2. Zsa
    December 1, 2006 11:02 am

    Highmark can eat a dick with this whole thing. They should worry more about their customers than giant BLUE BALLS.

    why yes, I do work with them daily. Why do you ask?

  3. Aeran
    December 1, 2006 12:52 pm

    I distinctly remember thinking to myself that Pittsburgh local leaders as a whole just needed to grow a pair already, and I guess we’re halfway there.

  4. Ivan
    December 1, 2006 2:15 pm

    Just wait, I’m sure that that the city will rechedule New years Eve, to December 30 th. at 12 noon, in order not to pay overtime to the police…

  5. Chris Griswold
    December 1, 2006 2:24 pm

    Times Square is a horrible place to be on New Year’s Eve. You are cordoned off into little pens and not allowed out for long periods of time.

  6. spoon
    December 1, 2006 4:28 pm

    Pittsburgh is already on it’s way there with all the overcrowded and overpriced clubs on NYE. Oh and we have fireworks too!

  7. jack
    December 1, 2006 9:01 pm

    Yeah, give me some of that stuff their smoking. Pittsburgh will NEVER be on the scale of NYC – NEVER. In their dreams. Pittsburgh is a dying town – what is downtown anyway. I had to go down there the other day and it is so filthy. I had to take a 20 minute shower just wash the muck off me. Ugh.

  8. Pickle Sniffer
    December 3, 2006 11:59 pm

    Hey Jack…if Pittsburgh is a dying town and it is so filthy…why are you still here? If it’s so bad and disgusting to you, why don’t you leave and get some of those tons of jobs that people claim are everywhere else but here.

    Look..I can take constructive criticism of our town…but the name calling and bashing is unacceptable. If you don’t like it here, get the f*&k out and don’t let the door hit you while you leave.

  9. jack
    December 4, 2006 12:49 pm

    Well Pickle Snorter, I don’t live in Pittsburgh as a matter of fact. I had to go in there to conduct some business. I try to stay out of the city proper. Looks like you can’t take any constructive criticism because that is what it is by the way. You would not recognize it if that door it you in the face. Pittsburgh used to be a pretty nice place to shop and eat after work hours. Just take a walk down Fifth Avenue. You do know where that is, don’t you? Ask yourself why so many companies are leaving the downtown area and heading to places like Southpointe, South Hills, North Hills, etc. Grow up and learn to spell.

  10. pittgirl
    December 4, 2006 1:09 pm

    Jack, I’m not quite sure you understand what the phrase “constructive criticism” means.

    1. “You need to be a nicer person if you want people to like you.” is constructive criticism.

    2. “You’re a piece of shit.” NOT constructive criticism.

    Just saying. So perhaps “that door” smacked you in the face one too many times?

    Boy, listen to me be bitchy, but I really love Downtown Pittsburgh.

  11. Zsa
    December 4, 2006 2:56 pm

    Not to mention Jack, your “grow up and learn to spell” comment is a little misplaced as I count 4 spelling and/or grammatical errors between your two posts, and none in Pickle Sniffer’s.

  12. darryl d
    December 5, 2006 10:52 am

    Okay. Enough. Can’t you all just get along?
    I think I understand where Jack is coming from – just needs to say it nicer. I agree somewhat. Pittsburgh needs to clean up a bit, admit it, to attract more folks down there. Now is that constructive criticism? I took my company out of downtown because of the high cost of operating and am quite pleased and so are my employees.
    Sorry if that offends anyone honestly. Merry Christmas to all!

  13. pittgirl
    December 5, 2006 11:30 am

    Now Darryl, THAT is the kind of opinion expressing I like. Muchas gracias!

  14. Pickle Sniffer
    December 5, 2006 11:34 am


    I agree with PittGirl. Offering up concrete reasons why you don’t want to have your office in downtown Pittsburgh is definitely constructive criticism — and things that should be addressed by city government and economic development agencies for the city and county.

    My problem with Jack’s comments were that there were no solutions suggested to “clean Pittsburgh up”. I can’t stand it when people complain — but then don’t do anything to suggest how to fix it. Get involved with a group like PUMP or Pittsburgh Cares to help make an impact in the city.

    That being said Darryl, what do you think needs to be “cleaned up” in the city — since you referred to the same thing in your post. And if you don’t mind me asking, where did your business end up instead of Pittsburgh?

  15. darryl d
    December 6, 2006 8:14 am

    Don’t mind at all – we moved to Washington County. The taxes were lower indeed. My employees can drive to work and park for FREE! I don’t have a big business, that is, not that many employees, but they are happy.

    I would like to see the trash picked up on the streets more often. I would like to see new shops on Fifth Avenue. In essence, I’d like to see the city clean like it was when the area was preparing for the All Star Game, but I’d like to see some permanent help for the homeless people, not just get them out of sight for a week. I wish I had a remedy for that.

  16. darryl d
    December 6, 2006 8:18 am

    Oh, and if I can add – my employees can actually go to a variety of shops on a lunch hour such as Wal Mart, Gabriel’s (Rt. 19S), or any shop in the area of Washington off 79S or 19S. There are great restaurants too that don’t take a bite out of the wallet and you don’t have to settle for just McDonald’s. I know everyone cannot do that but there are a lot of companies exploring the possibilities, believe me. My daughter works for a large law firm that is considering the big move. Also, a large radio/TV station in downtown has been exploring possibilities.

  17. Zsa
    December 6, 2006 10:46 am

    I’m not sure what you are looking for, or where you were located, but there are certainly more food options (everything from fast food to upscale, everything from Mexican to Chinese to Korean to Italian) downtown than McDonald’s.

    If the move worked for you, fine, but this as a reason??

    The city does need cleaned up some, but let’s face it: cities have lots of people in them. People are dirty creatures. When I see pictures of downtowns that are completely pristine, it makes me think of Stepford. And I’d bet some of the people you see tossing their garbage on the street are making $100,000 a year.

  18. darryl d
    December 6, 2006 12:44 pm

    I agree with your statement about food choices downtown. You are correct. That was not the reason, trust me. We left because of the ever increasing costs to run our business in the city of Pittsburgh, especially in the downtown area. It is costly to operate a business in this city, please try to understand that. It is not for everyone.
    I also agree that high paid people can toss garbage just as well as the minimum wagers and that is a shame that all of these people have no respect for the city, a real shame. I just wish it was not that way – a person can dream, can’t they?

  19. Awesome Comet
    December 6, 2006 2:08 pm

    I don’t think dirty is a problem. I think people are scared to go downtown because its shaped like a triangle, has many one-way streets without any apparent pattern to them, and one false turn and you wind up going over a bridge. I don’t know how to solve this one outside of massive public transportation. SkyBus, anyone?

    I think the fact that *every pedestrain corridor* between Downtown and the North Side is incredibly dirty, rusty, rotting, pee-smelling, long, dark, frightening and empty is a problem.

    My wet dream for downtown is a giant multiplex theater in the Forbes / Fifth corridor.