Thank God for the fish commission.

Late posting today, but posting nonetheless. PittGirl’s most awesomest sister (like seriously, she’s 500 times more awesome than PittGirl) blew into town today and that means joy to PittGirl’s world … and baking at Mom and Dad’s house.

Fun! And fat.


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I’m so so so relieved to know that if I ever catch a fish that I think is a record and it is disputed, there is an actual official place I can go with my lawyer to have a hearing as to whether or not my fish is a record catch.

A hearing before fish commission officials that had been scheduled for earlier this month on whether Mr. Russian’s catch qualified for a record was dropped when both sides reached an agreement.

So rest easy tonight Burghers, when you lay your head on your pillow, and thank God that there is a fish commission.

But then you’ll be wide awake anyway when you realize that there are people that fish with a bow and arrow and who get LAWYERS when their fish is dissed.

Mr. Russian, of New Alexandria, did not want to comment further, said his attorney, John Greiner. “He got a very nice certificate of recognition … and he will get recognition through this article. And really, his concern is promoting this sport and he believes the article will really help promote the sport,” Mr. Greiner said today.

Really?!?!  Do you like get a million dollars when you catch a record fish?  Because THAT is the only way I can see going out and hiring a lawyer and having a hearing.


  1. Lynne
    December 22, 2006 6:27 pm

    okay, i’m going try not to freak out that there is a fish nearby the size of my 10 year old daughter . . .

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