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What they’re really thinking: All hope is lost edition

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Where to begin?

Let’s start with Benny.

Benny. Bennybennybenny. WTF?

I think The Chin summed up Ben’s performance best:

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Yeah, shit is right. If his passes weren’t completely off, they were deflected or intercepted. And I’m pretty sure he checked out of his brain every time a third down came up.

“For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was not quite on the same page with the receivers,” Roethlisberger said.

Now? Just this exact moment you NOW feel this when we’ve been feeling this almost all season?

Oy.  I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again.  Sometimes I think my grandmother would throw better than Benny, and she’s been dead for three years.
2.  In fact “shit” pretty much sums up the performance of Willie Parker too.

“[The fumble] changed everything,” Parker said. “I take the good with the good, but on that fumble it was my fault, so I take the bad with the bad.”

And there? You have the facts of life.

3.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this. One bright spot yesterday was I thought, the play of Santonio Holmes. Believe you me that bile rises in my throat as I type that, but I cannot hate the sheer athleticism of the guy.

4.  Let’s be real here Burghers. Cowher is not coming back next year. I’m saddened by that because as much as he drives me crazy, and as much as I’d like to take his chin in my hand and give it a good strong shake, I have a lot of love for the guy.

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Ima miss him.

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Feliz Navidad, babies!

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Christmas is PittGirl’s favorite time of the year. PittGirl’s second favorite time of the year is football. You know this.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Festivus or some other awesome holiday, it’s a great time of year to just kind of sit back and look at what you have, as opposed to what you don’t have.

There’s always somebody worse off than you, isn’t that right, Burghers?

Enjoy your holiday. Enjoy the madness of the season. Enjoy the cloudy skies, the cold weather, the wind, the rain, the football, the food. Enjoy everything that lets you know you’re alive another day. Wow, that was a lot of sap. My teeth hurt.

Posting will be light this week. But post I shall, damn it!

Tis the Season.



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Thank God for the fish commission.

Late posting today, but posting nonetheless. PittGirl’s most awesomest sister (like seriously, she’s 500 times more awesome than PittGirl) blew into town today and that means joy to PittGirl’s world … and baking at Mom and Dad’s house.

Fun! And fat.


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I’m so so so relieved to know that if I ever catch a fish that I think is a record and it is disputed, there is an actual official place I can go with my lawyer to have a hearing as to whether or not my fish is a record catch.

A hearing before fish commission officials that had been scheduled for earlier this month on whether Mr. Russian’s catch qualified for a record was dropped when both sides reached an agreement.

So rest easy tonight Burghers, when you lay your head on your pillow, and thank God that there is a fish commission.

But then you’ll be wide awake anyway when you realize that there are people that fish with a bow and arrow and who get LAWYERS when their fish is dissed.

Mr. Russian, of New Alexandria, did not want to comment further, said his attorney, John Greiner. “He got a very nice certificate of recognition … and he will get recognition through this article. And really, his concern is promoting this sport and he believes the article will really help promote the sport,” Mr. Greiner said today.

Really?!?!  Do you like get a million dollars when you catch a record fish?  Because THAT is the only way I can see going out and hiring a lawyer and having a hearing.

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Just sayin’.

You ever watch one of those disaster movies where in the beginning of the movie, the earth is doing some weird underground unexplained things at a greater and greater frequency that eventually turn out to not be geological at all but rather the impending doom of say an underground volcano or massive sheep and people-eating earthworms?

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Just sayin’.

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Oh my God, I’m crying!

So it looks like the North Side will be home to the first Pittsburgh casino.

My thoughts:

1.  I lunched with a member of the local panel about six months ago and we discussed which location would get the casino.  I told him I thought the South Side would be a traffic nightmare, because the South Side already IS a traffic nightmare.  I told him I thought the North Side would be odd because it would be right next to the family friendly Science Center.  I told him the Hill District would probably be best, but as he pointed out, the residents probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about it.  I guess the lesser of three evils won out.

2.  Don Barden, the leader of PITG that won the license, reportedly cried when it was anounced he won.  Yeah, making $500 kajillion a year would make me cry too.

3.  This made me laugh:

Michelle Sherman, chief financial officer for Barden Cos., also burst into tears of joy when the vote was taken. “Oh my God, I’m crying, oh my God. I’m overwhelmed. Mr. Barden is the consummate visionary and entrepreneur. This is something he deserved.”

Oh my God, I’m so over her.

4.  I for one have no idea what the appeal is to playing slot machines.  For me, going to the casinos in Niagara Falls is all about the table games.  Sitting on my ass, cute as it may be, for six straight hours and feeding a hungry machine bill after bill until my tennis elbow acts up?


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