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Do you look like John Steigerwald?

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Soon to be the most desired person in the Burgh.

Whoever is named the Sonni Abatta look-alike.

Can I tell you how much I can’t wait to see these look-alikes, particulary a photo of someone who is going to publicly and proudly admit that he …. or she …. looks like John Steigerwald?


Stoopid is as stoopid does.

So Lukey has now told his friend Councilman Jim Motznik to quit his blogging, particularly about Lukey’s rival Bill Peduto.

Lukey says:

“I don’t think it’s productive, and I don’t think it’s in the best interests of the residents,” the mayor said of Mr. Motznik’s blogging. “We certainly have very important issues that we need to discuss, and the blogosphere is not, in my opinion, the best avenue to do that.”

The mayor said he knew nothing about Mr. Motznik’s plans until after the blog went up.

Some thoughts:

1. Lukey’s use of the word blogosphere shows how in tune he actually is to the web and the blogs on it. I would imagine if you asked any of the council members last week what the “blogosphere” is, at least three of them would have guessed something using the word “planet.”

2. Keeping in mind that my political bent has nothing to do with anything, that I sometimes lean left and I sometimes lean right (this explains why I always walk like I’m a little drunk), that I’m not a city resident so I really don’t give a rat’s ass who is the next mayor so long as he or she continues to provide fodder for the blog, my personal opinion is that I can’t really see Jim Motznik being so stupid as to start a blog such as the one he did and NOT have run it by Lukey first.

And if he did in fact start his blog without running it past Lukey first, he’s more stupid than I thought, and I thought he was pretty damn stoopid.

I’m going to lead you, damn it!

Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson went on the record last week during an interview that he finds his teammate Jose “No Way” Castillo to be a fat lazy sack of bones … maybe he didn’t use those exact words.

Jack stands by his words saying:

“Look, I’m harder on myself than anyone. I’m coming off a bad season. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t show up at the yard. And you know what? I think we have five or six leaders on this team, and I feel like I’ve been around long enough at shortstop to be the leader of Jose Castillo.”

Um, Jack?  You can’t just NAME yourself leader.  People have to CHOOSE to follow you.

Otherwise, I’d name myself leader of the hot people.

This is exactly like when Ben decided he was going to LEAD Santonio Holmes, who then flew right into the waiting arms of natural leader Hines Ward.

The dirtiest clean campaign … EVAH!

Jim Motznik is friends with Mayor Lukey. Jim Motznik started a blog wherein he likes to say “pissed” and “shit.” Jim Motznik claims that Bill Peduto, Lukey’s archirival, leaked the news about Lukey’s detainment at Heinz Field in 2005. Billy says hell no, EVERYBODY knew that Lukey had been “arrested”. Ooooh. He went there and called it an arrest.

Some things I know for sure:

1. Jimmy’s blog is going to bite him in the ass. Hard. Like a baby hyena. I assume baby hyenas bite hard.

2. Jimmy’s blog has literary gems such as this:

On January 17th a certain blog was posted about what a certain someone heard from a certain someone else what a certain someone did. What does this all mean?

This all means that Jimmy sucks as blogging.

3. This image of Jimmy wearing rain boots because you see, he is “wading through the shit” is quite possibly the most awesome thing we’ll see all week.

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And yes, I completely totally shamelessly stole that image from his blog. To quote Neil Patrick Harris as Barney “where my shame gland should be, there is a SECOND awesome gland.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand DRINK!

We want to continue to move forward and do anything we can to assure this doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Since he said it at a really sad time, I think I’ll go for a melancholy glass of wine.  How’s about yinz?

Thanks, Caitlin for the tip.