Shaking a fist at Ken Whisenhunt

Not cool, Ken. Not cool at all.

The man that the majority of Burghers (according to unscientific KDKA polls) wanted to be the next punching bag decided to head to the sunny skies, hot days and cool nights of Arizona in a four year contract that probably pays him about 2.5 mil a year (according to Guy “I love the hookers” Junker).

While I can’t blame him for taking the job, which I assume this constant rain had SOMETHING to do with his decision to head for the desert, I can blame the damn Rooneys for not doing more to keep him here.

Damn you, Rooneys. Damn you all.

Now for those of you, those pathetic few of you (OMG, just kidding), that are hoping for Russ Grimm to get the job, a little birdie that knows a little birdie that knows a little birdie in the Steelers organization informed me last week that Ken Whisenhunt would not be hired and that Russ Grimm was not their top choice, but rather it is Ron Rivera and that he will likely get the job. The reason being that the Rooneys are looking at the Chin’s departure as a chance to completely overhaul the kind of football the Steelers play. Which currently is BAD football.

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I dismissed what I was told, but now that Kenny is gone, I’m beginning to wonder if the birdie three times removed isn’t talking the gospel.

So take it for what it is: a rumor. Unless Ron Rivera is hired as the next Steelers coach then you should take that for what it is: PittGirl always being right.


  1. Heidi
    January 15, 2007 10:50 am

    What does Guy “I love the hookers” Junker mean? I think of him as Guy “I love mock turtlenecks” Junker.

  2. pittgirl
    January 15, 2007 10:54 am

    Several years, actually maybe like ten years ago, Guy was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Just me doing my job to remind him. :)

  3. Heidi
    January 15, 2007 11:06 am

    Thanks for the clarification, I think (ewww). I live in the North Hills and I’ve seen his name as the realtor on Howard Hanna for sale signs. I’ve wondered if it’s the same Guy Junker, but then again, how many Guy Junker’s could there be? He could kill two birds if WTAE would send him a camera to do the sports while he’s conducting on open house.

  4. soma45
    January 15, 2007 3:50 pm

    interview mike singletary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anthony
    January 15, 2007 4:40 pm

    I hope Grimm doesn’t get the job for the sole reason that I don’t want to be subjected to the pathetic headlines that will surely be used such as “Steelers playoff hopes Grimm” or “Offense puts in Grimm performance in loss.”

  6. Joe Margarac
    January 15, 2007 4:50 pm

    Why would anyone get so bent out shape over Whisenhunt’s fate? He has zero experience as a head coach, and the history of football coaching is littered with the corpses of superlative coordinators who could NOT make the jump to Boss Man.
    To belabor what SHOULD be obvious: Being a head coach is a LOT different than being coordinator. So, bascially, it’s a leap to for anyone, be it Whisenhunt or Grimm. For every Cowher, there is a Lindy Infante. Certainly those “damn Rooneys” know more that a street-corner strumpet or beer-bellied barfly.

  7. G Mack
    January 15, 2007 4:55 pm

    Regarding Rivera – Sure hope not. Da Bears have been a disaster defensely the past four games. Really got schooled by the lame Seahawks. Needed – hard to say GROSS man to bail them out. They did not seem to be able to put any pressure on the QB’s the latter half of the season. Everyone attributes this to the loss of Tommie Harris. Doesn’t speak well for a coach whose performance drops dramatically with the loss of one player.

  8. scott
    January 15, 2007 6:47 pm

    curious … was Junker found guilty? did this arrest ever go to court?

    I like Russ Grimm. Rivera’s young & has done great jobs, but his hire here would likely mean a major staff/philosophical overhaul & I’d hate to see the organization sacrifice any of that.

  9. Bruce Flach
    January 15, 2007 7:06 pm

    IT does not to me who the new head coach is. It is who he will select to be the new running backs coach. Dick Hoak is the common denominator for our running (and winning ) traditon. How do you get someone to follow that?

    If I were the new Head coach my guy would be Jerome Bettis. Just his presence alone would be immeasurable. Just being recently married, I don’t know that he would accept, but dosen’t it just delight your imagination?!?

  10. James
    January 15, 2007 9:39 pm

    Why no talk of Mike Singletary????

  11. matt
    January 15, 2007 9:58 pm

    Bottom line is, Russ is from Pitt…and he was a Hog! 3 rings on your hand is better then some half ass head coaching experience. We’re the freakin’ Pittsburgh Steelers, keep it in the family!

  12. Mark
    January 15, 2007 10:10 pm

    I’ve been a Steelers fan for over 30 years. For the sake of all that’s holy in Steeler football tradition, I hope the Rooney’s choose wisely. Cowher is a hard act to follow, but there’s only one choice…and it’s not from Chicago. Stay with the one the one common denominator that helped us get that 5th ring; the “O” line coach. I know it sounds grimm (no pun intended), but Russ is the man!

  13. Chuck
    January 15, 2007 10:21 pm

    If my memory serves me correctly people were up in arms tha Wiz was names the Offensive Coridinator. The quotes were like” how can a mere tight ends coach become the o. cord.” Well it seems like he did ok, and he will do just fine in Az.
    Rivera will be a good choice.
    The Roneys should have just given the chin a big raise to stay!!!
    Money talks.

  14. James
    January 15, 2007 10:46 pm

    It was time for Cowher to go. He had clearly lost his passion for whatever reason.

    Grimm is a solid choice, but I would like to see (to have seen) them talk to Mike Singletary. He is smart, intense and aggressive.

  15. Whelk
    January 15, 2007 11:12 pm

    The Rooney’s did okay with their last two head coach hires. I’ll wait til they mess one up before I complain.

  16. BuffLion
    January 16, 2007 11:06 am

    You never know what you get with hiring an assistant coach that has no head coaching experience. The only comment I have is thank goodness the Rooneys didn’t hire Chan Gailey. That was the best recommendation Cowher could give for his replacement? Maybe Bill does need a break if that is the best he can do.

  17. Sofa King
    January 16, 2007 11:51 am

    Am I the only one underwhelmed by every candidate other than Whisenhunt? Then again, who am I to question to Rooneys’ judgment? All I know is that with Cowher there, we were a guaranteed contender every year…I’m not a huge fan of uncertainty.

  18. rick
    January 16, 2007 1:26 pm

    Well I was getting nervous that Mr. Chan Was a request of Cowher. I’m glad he’s not hiring the new coach. I have always felt that offensive coordinators do not make good head coaches. This is brcause they cannot step back and manage the whole game. I live in Philly and Andy Reid would become like a deer in the headlights at crunch time. And none of his coaches had the nuts to step up and slap him. Few if any off. coord. have been good at head coaching. With Russ Grimm we get a Head Coach who will allow his coordinators to do their job and he will set up the plan and manage the game. I vote for the Hog.

  19. Wendell Fears
    January 16, 2007 2:11 pm

    WOW! All responses have been excellent,here’s my take.
    First,I would prefer Tomlin,fresh intelligent can and will inspire the players to play.

    Many will disagree with this post but here me out.
    This season the Steelers were big headed, huge egos and we do have a few players who are declining in their play-Porter, a few offensive linemen, Cedrick Wilson-well never really did anything since he arrived- and a few more players.
    We need a new schemeon offense and defense we need younger stronger andfaster players take a look at the Ravens two games we were dominated completely.

    When Cowher first arrived in 1992,he said we had to build a team to stop Houston and the Bills,and he did just that.Do you remember how we dominated the Bills on Mpnday Night Football, during Cowhers first two or three seasons?

    New ideas, a young coach will serve us well we will have the growing pains like we had to go through with Knoll and Cowher but look at both of their finish products both have been to AFCC 6 TIMES and 8 Super Bowl appearances betweeen them, 16 division champions in 37 years thats not bad…o new young blood could be welcomed.

    We played f-up most off the year not acceptable not after winning the Super Bowl.

    We have a young team with aging linebackers our best unit on defense is the defensive line that would be cool if that line was the line of the 1974,1975,1976 teams but it is not.

    January 16, 2007 4:13 pm

    Cowher doesn’t want someone to come in and be successful. He wants Chan to come in and blow it for a year or two so he can come back for BIG money and save the Steelers!

    I want Mike Tomlin to come in as head coach. He has had success at every stage thus far. He is young and has the energy and drive that Bill used to have.

    I really want Jerome to come back, but he would probably need to start as running backs coach first. In my opinion it was his zeal and fire and not Cowhers that got us that fifth ring. Those players were playing for Jerome last year. Bill retired several years ago…you just didn’t notice it until Jerome left. Can we vote for Jerome as head coach?

    WE LOVE YOU JEROME…COME BACK TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. BobbyP
    January 16, 2007 4:39 pm

    I don’t see how everyone can be against Russ Grimm becoming head coach. If they thought enough of him to already be have the title Assistant Head Coach, that has to mean something. Also, don’t forget that Chuck Noll was an offensive lineman too. Something about being in on every play and having to know formations, blocking assignments, blitz pickups and snap count and to deliver a block makes for good head coachs.

  22. BobbyP
    January 16, 2007 4:48 pm

    Another thing, about Rivera. I grew up and have lived near Chicago all of my life. Rivera was an average linebacker and it seems to me an average Defensive Coordinator. He is the opposite of everything Steelers. The Steelers have always (well, not always) improved as a team as the year went on. The Bears defense the last few years dominates September and starts to fall off in October, than really declines. Believe me on this, I have to watch it every year. The other thing, the bears are playing Cover 2, Tampa defense. I will die if I live long enough to see the mighty Steelers playing such a p*ssy defense. It is totally vurnerable in 3 key areas everyplay, unless, and this is big, you have a GREAT pass rush. Look at Tampa, look at Indy until the pass rush came back, look at the Bears now. Please, no Ron Rivera!!!!

  23. Diane K
    January 16, 2007 6:24 pm

    I work at Georgia Tech and believe me everyone here would have been pretty happy to see Chan leave. He’s still in it for the Miami job, though.

    IMHO, the Rooney’s blew it by letting Whiz get away. Total bonehead move.

    Did you see the photos of the 3 left? It looked like a line up for washed up losers.

  24. Wendell Fears
    January 16, 2007 11:26 pm

    Please note that the cover 2 or Tamba 2 defense is nothing more than the STEELERS DEFENSE OF THE GREAT 1970’S SUPER BOWL TEAMS that right it was great enough for our nbeloved Steelers to win 4 Super Bowls in six years!

    That defense shut down the Vikings in our first Super Bowl apprearance which still holds the Super Bowl records, The cover 2 was great for Lambert,Ham,Blount, Greene, Greenwood, Ernie FATS Holmes and Dewight White,the only defensive line to make Time Magazine perhaps the greatest d-line ever!

    That defense produced some amazing stats and shut outs when we had the players to play it at its very best, give me the cover 2 of the old great Steelers defense the one that we been screaming DEFENSE DEFENE

    That defefense scared the living shit out of opponentsm teams would be so afraid to play the Steelers

  25. Bruce Flach
    January 16, 2007 11:39 pm


    Are you talking about silly throw Ben made at he Super Bowl on a third and 23 that set up the go ahead touchdown? From my seat AT the game it looked nothing less than heroic to me. You must have been on the john on that play and missed it. I also take issue on your statement about Ben’s surguries. When was the last time you had two major sugical procedures in one year AND a near death experience? I have, so I can relate to you that it took a good year till I was anywhere near 100%. And I didn’t have 300 lb guys falling on top of me a couple times a week while I was trying to do my job, AND recover at the same time, while at work. To imply that he was not affected just goes against common sense. Perhaps you would rather return to the Kordel years. 8 YEARS of silly throws. Before making hasty genralizations try doing a little research first

  26. Mike
    January 17, 2007 5:19 pm

    You have some interesting and surreal points. But I am still confused to your points. I see you were assailing this Justin cat. He has very clear views about the team and I concur with his assessments. As far as ben’s play this year? I found myself throwing up all over the place watching him play. Merit, I put alot of the blame on Bill ball and he’s the reason Ben stunk it up this year. We all know Ben’s return was WAY to early. The last time I checked, Ben, isn’t the coach Bill ball was. Bill ball alone wasted 4 games for us. Believe me, I wasn’t on the JOHN. I couldn’t even goto the JOHN when I was throwing up all over the place. As far as the coach goes, Tomlin would be the right pick. The last 2 coaches were 37 and 34. Its all about the longevity of our coach not like the other coaches in the league. For Ben to improve, we must bring back O.R.(Oliver Ross) and everyone’s favorite the world according to Tharpe (Larry Tharpe). How about that. Lastly, I hope you enjoy your Fat Head (Big Ben) sticker on your wall. Nice investment.

  27. James
    January 17, 2007 8:44 pm

    I actually believe Ben lost his confidence prior to the Super Bowl and just regained it toward the end of the season. The accident and the appendectomy (and the subsequent concussions) all played a part in his downturn, but his play in the Super Bowl had to still be on his mind. Mike and Justin are correct his play was AWFUL. While he is not Dan Marino (never won a championship) or Peyton Manning (ditto – but maybe this year) I think we can all agree that in his first two years up to the Super Bowl he was a winner (even if it was ugly), and perhaps, just perhaps, he can get that back.

    I agree that Tomlin would be a good pick, but I still would like to have seen them interview Mike Singletary. Grimm would be a solid choice, but for the long haul, maybe not.

    We need linebackers and offensive lineman. It is possible Kendall Simmons will take over at center and Kemoeatu will take over at guard with Nasty Willie Colon taking over for Max Starks and this could be a good line, but we need a good draft at both these positions.

  28. Pinto Alegre
    January 17, 2007 10:01 pm

    It won’t be Grimm or Rivera. It will be Mike Tomlin.

    Here’s why:

    1. He’s 34 years old — same age as Cowher when he started (remember folks — longevity here — 2 coaches in 40 years!)

    2. Dan Rooney pushed for the “Rooney Rule” — which requires NFL teams to interview at least on minority candidate for a head coaching job. The Steelers have interviewed two.

    3. The Steelers were the trailblazers years go when they hired Bill Nunn who was one of the first minority employees in the entire league.

    I liked Whisehunt. I like Grimm. But my money is on Tomlin.

  29. Bruce Flach
    January 18, 2007 1:38 pm


    As some one who was LUCKY enough to also attend Super Bowl
    XIII I’m sure I’v been doing research on the Steelers longer than you have been alive. In my experiance, there is no such thing as luck. If you were even around back then you would have been one of the people booing Terry Bradshaw as well. It is not about throwing accuracy – It is about winning championships. Just Ask Peyton Manning. Charisma and Kharma can over come almost anything. Ben is loaded with both as well as better than average ability. He has no off feild issues. He is of good charcter as well. While I agree that you can’t put him in the hall just yet, I’ll bet that (loser) Dan Marino would trade all his personal accolades for Ben’s Championship. You can hate all you want because that is what haters do. But You can’t take away the fact that Ben is a winner and a Champion. I don’t doubt your loyalty as a fan for one second. But barring another freak accident Ben has another another 10 years or so left. If he starts to suck for the next couple years in a row. I will be the first to speak up. But to throw out the baby with the bath water is a little premature. Yes we were all disapionted and let down last year. There is a word for that. It is called life. But I think This guy is good and he can make every NFL throw. Let’s not act like Dolphin fans who think they are entitled to an undefeated season every year. So we had a year in the barrel. So what. They used to say that it takes 5 years to make a quaterback. Not any more here comes Ben, he did it in 5 minuets.I belive there will be lot of good football in the comming years with this guy. I would take him over any other QB in the NFL except for Tom Brady (Whom I dislike for obvious reasons) or maybe Peton Manning. To quote a phrase, Just win baby. Lastly If you are looknig to assign blame for last year it is the former head coach. He alone is responsible for the men under his command.

  30. Mike
    January 18, 2007 4:32 pm

    I am tired of the suspense concerning the coach. Make a decision already, man. I believe the Rooney’s know who they want to hire but will not release the information. Since the Rooney Rule was enacted, don’t you think we all know the coach is going to be. I can’t do it anymore. Hire M.T. and get this thing going so we can regain our domanitacy in the NORTH. All I want to see is Billick’s smug arse in sadness, Marvin ball in total disbelief with his smug QB Carson Daly and lastly, Romeo, oh Romeo, where are thou, Romeo. I can’t doing the mediocrity anymore. For once, I would like to have a season where I don’t throw up. The first sign of my healing is that Bill Ball has gone bye bye. Thanks for the memories. Here’s a quote from Bill Ball “a little bit of comedy and a little bit of weight lifting, the Bill ball Cowher Power Hour”.

  31. Tim
    January 19, 2007 2:34 pm

    Damning the Rooneys is pure blasphemy, they know more about football then anyone writing anything on this blog, including myself. Did you happen to notice that in the last few decades there have only been 2 head coaches and 5 Super Bowl victories? That probably has a little something to do with the Rooneys and who they deem fit to run their football team, but maybe I’m crazy. I don’t think Wiz would’ve been bad but I also don’t know that he would’ve been good, one thing is for sure he might not have it all upstairs because no other organization in the league can rival the Steelers.

  32. BigGfromBigD
    January 19, 2007 6:56 pm

    Rooneys still waiting for Ron Rivera? If the Bears win they can’t talk to him till after the SB XLI. That would be perfect timing! A Rumor circulating here suggests that another coach will also be available at that time as well, THE BIG TUNA!
    No bona fide offer for Wiz and still no commitment to Grimm after 2 interveiws. And the Rooney are still dragging their feet. Make you wonder Huh? And why all the “hate mail” about Big Ben. While “Mr. Bruce” comes off a little heavy handed, I don’t disagree with him. Ben is our guy. He just had a bad year. We all did. He think will be back stong next year.

  33. James
    January 19, 2007 8:57 pm

    We don’t want any SUSHI. Leave Parcels for the Giants.

    Bears lose- Rivera. Bears win- 2 to 1 on Tomlin.

  34. Bruce flach
    January 20, 2007 6:45 pm

    Tomlin?!?!? This time the Rooney family has concieved a monster. I guess its my turn to go to the john to puke. Someting tells me that I may need a resevation. I’m glad we went to the Bowl last year. This guy is never going to take us anywhere. I’m really starting to wonder about Art Rooney II. He should have hired the best man for the job. Instead he chose the most politicaly correct one. Way to go Art. Excuse me now I have to throw up.

  35. Pinto Alegre
    January 21, 2007 1:02 am

    Bruce — Nice to see that the hiring of any black coach is just “political correctness” to you — instead of rewarding someone for the work they’ve done to this point. That’s a damn ignorant comment to make.

  36. James
    January 21, 2007 1:29 am

    I believe their first choice is Ron Rivera. They may not wait until after the Super Bowl though.

    Time to boycott Sports Illustrated…

  37. Jimmy P
    January 22, 2007 10:29 am

    I, along with many other fans are greatly dissapointed in the passing of Russ Grimm. Russ Grimm, a great western Pennsylvania sports hero, future Hall of Famer, is gone and will probably never return to his homeland. That’s sad. Just like the Steelers passing on Marino and the greatest QB to ever play the game, Johnny Unitis.

    The Steelers have royaling screwed over Grimm. They’ve left him hanging, thinking he was going to get the job, while all the other NFL head coaching jobs were being filled. Now Russ departs without any good oppotunities in the immediate future. A sad thing to happen to a loyal Steeler. Whiz must have been smart enough to see this coming.

    The REAL story is that Cowher did not endorse Grimm or Whiz as a head coach to the Steeler orginization. They were looking for somebody else all along. They interviewed Chan, just because the Chin requested it.

    With the Rooney rule, the Steeler organiztion HAD to choose a minority or look like the biggest hippocrites in the NFL. The Rooneys cornered themselves and are the sad epitimy of liberalism and political-corectness in today’s world.
    No job, position, or public office should be held to standards of race or color of skin. Now, it’s happened, here in our city.

    By no means am I, or 99.99% of the Steeler Nation rasict or against any ‘minority head coach’ in any way. Afterall, our greatest players are a melting pot of greatness in all colors and virieties. We do not care!

    I write this because no newspaper or big media has the guts to speak the truth. Good luck Russ. We, the Steeler nation love you, appreciate what you’ve done and hope the best for your future.

  38. Pinto Alegre
    January 22, 2007 11:41 pm

    First Bruce, now you Jimmy P! What is with you two? Do you honestly think that Mike Tomlin was picked because he was black? Where in the heck do you get your evidence for this? Yes, Dan Rooney pushed for the “Rooney” rule to ensure that minorities are interviewed — but that didn’t mean that we had to hire a minority as a result of that.

    This isn’t the first place that I’ve heard this comment regarding “political correctness”. I can only guess that Indy and Chicago were probably accused of this “pc bullsh*t” too when they hired two black coaches. Hmmmm, I’m wondering if their race had anything to do with their excellent coaching skills. No, that’s right — they made it to the Super Bowl with talent, not race.

    Have you ever thought about why Cowher didn’t endorse Whisenhunt of Grimm? He’s worked with them for years. Clearly there’s a reason why he didn’t think they would be good head coaches. Whisenhunt got the job in AZ, but interestingly enough, Grimm hasn’t been offered anything — and I doubt that any team was waiting for the Steelers to decide. Arizona showed that they didn’t care about Whisenhunt’s candidacy with the Steelers when they offered him a job — and I don’t think any of the teams (especially Miami) could’ve cared less if Grimm was in the running for the Steelers or not.

    I appreciate the service that Grimm has given to the Steelers, but multiple teams didn’t think he was head coaching material — and neither did the Steelers in the end. I wish him good luck in his future as well. Maybe he’ll work somewhere else for a little and then be considered again in the future.

  39. Bruce Flach
    January 24, 2007 6:46 pm

    hey pinto bean

    I took no position regarding race one way or the other. Isimply just reported (before everyone else including you, I might add) what The Steelers did. Flush out your head gear. YOU sound like the racist to me. Any one who disagrees with your opinon gets labled, or is a racist huh? Talk about a coward. Jimmy P and I are not racists. We just DISAGREE with you. In America, we have freedom of speech – the RIGHT to disagree. People like you would like to silence any debte or disent in this fair nation. Don’t hate the player, Hate the game. Preferances are just plain wrong and un-American Telling lies like that, you ought to give President Bush a call. I’m he would put you to work in his government. Preferances, Rooney rule ect is just discrmination by another name. Affrimative action laws all over the country are noqw being struck down as unconstitutional.

    As far as coaches go, Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith and Herm Edwards are not BLACK COACHES. They are very good FOOTBALL coaches who HAPPEN to be black. We WISH we had Tony Dungy.The Rooneys screwed Tony over too and he is still hurt about it to this day. You sound like an angry minorty person full of hate who is just looking to dump on someone. Get off the pity pot and stop balming others. You are just envious and angry twords others because of your own lack of co-equal sucsess. Nothing more nothing less. The Rooneys HAD to follow their own rule lest they be labled hippocrites. (Amen Jimmy P!)

    Pinto, I’m sorry you are so miserable.

  40. Pinto Alegre
    January 24, 2007 11:28 pm

    Bruce, I’m white — not an angry minority. You need to learn how to spell. I had a really hard time reading your response. Please proofread your postings in the future. Thanks.