Shaking a fist at the clouds.

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Holy hell, it can’t rain FOREVER can it?

In addition to purchasing two of the most awesome pairs of shoes in existance, watching lots of football, and cursing Ken Whinsenhunt, I spent the weekend walking around holding my long jeans up out of the water every time I went somewhere. How about you?

I eventually gave in and just rolled them up and looked a bit like Captain Jack Sparrow. Only, you know, hotter.

Know when else this constant rain sucks? When you have two spoiled rotten sissy dogs that refuse to get rained on and therefore spend the entire weekend begging to go out, then refusing to leave the covered patio, coming inside, begging harder to go out, then refusing to leave the patio.

By this morning, I was ready to call Joey Porter to ask if his dogs could use a snack of Toy Fox Terrier with a side of Miniature Poodle.

Here’s hoping the sun hasn’t forgotten about the Burgh.

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  1. JP
    January 15, 2007 1:08 pm

    you dont need to shovel rain.