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But there’s no NUDITY!

An Upper St. Clair teacher resigned her position after school officials learned that she and her husband had filmed portions of a horror movie they are producing, “The Killer Inside You,” at the high school.

Mr. Cantrell said some players had carried chain saws into the school, but the saws were not activated. In one scene, he said, an actress named Brenna Lee Roth, who is no longer in the film, is shown entering a classroom and shooting Mrs. Cantrell in the head using a 9 mm handgun loaded with blanks.

“I felt really good about shooting a horror film using no nudity to tell a story,” he said.

There’s a lot of things we can feel really good about.  Giving blood.  Helping an old lady across the street.  Painting churches.  Curing cancer.

Fliming a horror movie wherein students carry chainsaws and an actress pretends to shoot a woman in the head … ALL without nudity?  BRAVO!  Bravo Mr. Cantrell.  You’re the good citizen of the year!

No nudity.  I don’t feel worthy.  I’m going to go save some homeless people or something so I can feel better about myself.

Hat tip to hot reader Honda Driver.

Blowing Potato Patch chunks

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There are scary rides at Kennywood of two varieties.

For PittGirl, there is the “Holy shit. I am really freakin’ scared and I might blow my Potato Patch chunks all over this place if this insane ride doesn’t come to an end right now.” In that category you can put the Pitfall of Death and Doom and Vomit as well as this thing.

The other variety is the “OMG. This is scary awesome!” And Burghers, I’m going to jump the gun on this one and put this new ride in this category. Looks awesome and I can’t wait for May.

You can see the ride in action here.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand DRINK!

Hat tip to reader Lauren for finding this one in today’s PG.

“I’m sure at some point next week you will hear from us as we continue to move forward, whether that’s another formal meeting, or a decision one way or the other,” the mayor said.

An excuse to drink before 11:00 a.m.?  You’re so welcome.

Let me put it this way …

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Let me put it this way: We made Russ a finalist.

I think its fair to say he came close.

I think we made clear it was not final at the time we spoke.

I think we made it clear at the time we spoke that it was not final.

Let’s put it this way, I think I know where both of the leaks came from.

I think it’s fair to say Russ was close

Let me put it this way, I think it’s fair to say that Art Rooney II needs to learn some new phrases. I think I made that clear.

Dear Mario,

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On the other hand, the governor said the Penguins “keep coming up with new requests” in the negotiations. He said the team wants the state, city and county to “make up” $10 million the franchise could owe losing casino bidder Isle of Capri if it gets a new arena deal in Pittsburgh.

The Penguins declined comment on all aspects of the talks yesterday. Mr. Lemieux said Monday “we’re going to go out and explore our options. When we get a deal that we like, we’ll sign it.”

You’re pissing me off a little bit buddy.

You’re a local hero. I love you almost all the time. You’re cool … almost all of the time.

So I gotta tell you that you’re being a bit unreasonable about this whole arena deal.

You’ve been offered a deal sweeter than the Pirates got to build the House of Losingdom. Rendell is willing to put in some State dollars in addition to the already promised casino money.

Instead, all I’m hearing is wah-wah-WAH Isle of Capri this and Isle of Capri that. No one should have to bear the brunt of your stupid agreement to pay Isle of Capri $10 million if you build an arena in Pittsburgh without them. That was a dumb move on your part and you should have to pay for it.

I’m tired of hearing how freakin’ “disappointed” you are, because Mario, I am this close. THISCLOSE to being a bit disappointed in you.

Take the deal, keep the Pens here, and go roll around in your big pile of money.