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The Pirates get jiggy with it.

OMG, you guys, cut the shitty dancing and get to work.


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Would you autograph my face?

If you haven’t checked out the comments section of my post on Ben Roethlisberger’s new girlfriend, please do.

Some snippets:

  • I mean comeon people you need to get a life. Anyone can make up a rumor, who gives a crap who he is dating.
  • Who cares who he dates, as long as she doesn’t break his heart just before, or during the football season!
  • Hey Ben,  If I were you, I would be makin’passes to her 24/7!!! Do not dodge any sacks when she comes at you!!! Best of Luck with your “DEAR” and your “Career”!!! We all hope you find the Love&Support you want!!!  Wishing you both a great season, and hoping True-Love is the reason!!!
  • For those that care……he is single……doesn’t sleep around ….and is tired of everyone giving their opinion on what they “think” they know. He loves his fans, but people……BACK OFF & GIVE A LITTLE SPACE! All of this talk is getting OLD!!!!!!
  • They also said that everywhere he goes women throw themselves at him but he goes home alone. I guess he’s a smart guy!
  • Do you people have nothing better to do then go on the internet and write bad things about others you do not know? It is really sad when the only thing you have going on in your lives is to sit in front of the computer and belittle someone else for who they are dating.

I will never understand the obsession women have with Benny. My sister (another awesome one, 30, married, child) thinks Ben is the hottest thing going.  In fact, Ben Roethlisberger could kick her in the face and she’d be all, “OMG.  I’m so sorry my face got in the way of your foot.  Are you okay?  Do you need me to take you to the hospital to get an x-ray?  Would you autograph my face?”

Also, Ben went on the Carson Daly show and denied he has a girlfriend. Liar.

Lukey’s next billboard.

Chinese scientists may have found a solution to the problem of pigeons in Trafalgar Square: the first remotely controlled bird.

They have successfully implanted electrodes in the brain of a pigeon to control its movements via a computer.

Scientists at the Robot Engineering Technology Research Center at Shandong University of Science and Technology in eastern China said the electrodes could make the pigeon fly right or left or up or down.

Great. Now if we can get our hands on this technology in the Burgh, I can just have all the little bastards ram themselves into the side of the PPG Tower over and over again.

Hey, we’ve got WiFi. I think remote-controlled pigeons are the next logical technological acquisition.

And then it would only be a matter of time before we would see billboards all over the city that say, “Welcome to Luke Ravenstahl’s Pigeon-Controlled Pittsburgh!”

Hat tip to Clarion.

A little help?

Sofa King wrote:

“Not sure if this is worth your time or not,

Carnegie Mellon University will join about 30 other schools nationwide when it offers co-ed apartment rooms in a dormitory next fall.

but apparently it’s so hard for CMU students to get laid that even the university felt necessary to take action.”

I can’t think of anything more witty to say than that.


Also, those of you that attend, will attend or have attended CMU, I’d like to just make sure you realize that Sofa King said that, not PittGirl.  Yell at him.

PittGirl speaks.

For those of you that started reading The Burgh Blog in more recent times, Mike (AKA Woy, AKA Wojo, AKA The Godfather of the Burgh Blog, AKA the only person on the planet who knows what PittGirl looks like) has reposted the first part of his sit-down interview with PittGirl.

The second part is in his posession but I think he’s hoping I’ll die soon so that he can post it after my death.

Smart bastard.