Rendell and Knoll get it on.

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A headline on the Trib’s front page:

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Maybe they were … together.

Dum dum dum DUMMMMMMM.


  1. The Comet
    February 23, 2007 8:13 pm

    “Knoll was in Harrisburg on Feb. 14, according to her aide, Sal Sirabella. ‘The lieutenant governor is not involved in incident command and control,’ he said.”

    WHAT??? The second highest official in the state does not have a role during … incidents? Like, if humming along, she sends faxes and does some alphabetizing, but if a … a THING occurs, if something EMERGES, this elected official is not about to respond? That’ll be good to know after the asteroid impacts.

  2. GenieBottle
    February 24, 2007 10:24 am

    All I can say is that I did not vote for tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. So, I hope all of you out there who did are happy now and will be happy in the future with all the tax increases we WILL be getting. Thanks for voting these assholes back in.

  3. spoon
    February 24, 2007 11:26 am

    Fast Eddy always reminded me of that stanky chain smoking car salesman who has a great deal for you.

  4. bucdaddy
    February 24, 2007 6:34 pm

    He looks like he kneecaps people for a living. Oh, that’s right, taxpayers, he does.

  5. GenieBottle
    February 25, 2007 2:54 pm

    God, I hope that Fast Eddy gets no further than the governor’s office. What a shame it would be for the country if he ran for anything else and all of the blind liberals who don’t mind their taxes being raised voted for him. God, would our country be in trouble.

  6. Pinto Alegre
    February 26, 2007 12:28 am

    The PA Republican party threw Lynn Swann “under the bus” and didn’t give him the support he needed to beat “Cheese Steak” Eddy. I agree with Spoon. I think he’ll end up on West Liberty Avenue one day making me an offer for a ’74 Chevette that I won’t be able to refuse.

    CSB had one of their best articles about Rendell ever:

  7. Jebster
    February 27, 2007 8:43 am

    To me the really scary thing is, and I have made tis point elsewhere, that CBK–as LG–is the head of PEMA! Holy Cow! I can only imagine how much LESS competent she is than “Brownie.” Imagine if we had a real emergency (as if 50 miles of stranded motorists in single degree weather isn’t a real emergency.)

  8. scotty
    February 27, 2007 2:52 pm


    you were probably at the tony snow function last week, among the 600 or so desperate republicans who showed up to hear how the current administration is continuing to do a fine job…”mission accomplished”, right? and as if lynn swann had anything, ANYTHING worthwhile to present to the voters in his platform, other than pandering to 50-plus yr. old steeler fans…his own party abandoned him and for good reason…”blind liberals?” the war is iraq, last i checked, is costing the u.s. $1 billion a week…money well spent, huh?

  9. GenieBottle
    February 27, 2007 10:17 pm

    Hi Scotty – Sorry to disappoint you but I am not a “desperate republican”. And, to disappoint you even further, I did not feel Lynn Swann would be adequate either and I am NOT a Steeler fan. I am not a fan of the war either and several members of my family have gone over there and one did not come back, that is alive anyway.

    If you are content having your taxes raised each time Fast Eddy farts, I hope you are happy. I am not and don’t wish to pay any more taxes. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to. Perhaps, in your next writing, you can tell me why you would, if you indeed do.

    Thanks for your comments.