A little help?

Sofa King wrote:

“Not sure if this is worth your time or not,

Carnegie Mellon University will join about 30 other schools nationwide when it offers co-ed apartment rooms in a dormitory next fall.

but apparently it’s so hard for CMU students to get laid that even the university felt necessary to take action.”

I can’t think of anything more witty to say than that.


Also, those of you that attend, will attend or have attended CMU, I’d like to just make sure you realize that Sofa King said that, not PittGirl.  Yell at him.


  1. blee1
    February 27, 2007 4:34 pm

    I drive through CMU’s campus everyday (and not on Forbes, but RIGHT through it) and there are quite a few pretty women there. The problem is that CMU does not equal common sense nor does it equal social skills so I’m guessing the help is required.

    I went to a few CMU house parties last year and most of them were so tame it isn’t even funny.

  2. I went to CMU
    February 28, 2007 8:34 am

    getting laid while attending cmu, isn’t that what Pitt is for?

  3. Sofa King
    February 28, 2007 9:47 am

    It might be, if te CMU kids could break away from “World of Warcraft” long enough to get in on the action.


  4. kcc
    February 28, 2007 1:44 pm

    Just for general edification, but I went to CMU in 1998 and was already in a co-ed dorm, the nice one farthest from Campus, “Mudge House” on Morewood Ave. They stuck us dual-major kids together in the basement, with the mice. The mice weren’t too bad, but being on the Fifth Ave ambulance route wasn’t ideal.
    And it’s true that co-ed or not doesn’t make much difference; these kids like to study above all else (that’s why I transferred to Penn State main).

  5. pops
    February 28, 2007 4:19 pm

    Well so far no one is screaming that it cause kids to have sex…like they do when you mention teaching birth control schools.