Would you autograph my face?

If you haven’t checked out the comments section of my post on Ben Roethlisberger’s new girlfriend, please do.

Some snippets:

  • I mean comeon people you need to get a life. Anyone can make up a rumor, who gives a crap who he is dating.
  • Who cares who he dates, as long as she doesn’t break his heart just before, or during the football season!
  • Hey Ben,  If I were you, I would be makin’passes to her 24/7!!! Do not dodge any sacks when she comes at you!!! Best of Luck with your “DEAR” and your “Career”!!! We all hope you find the Love&Support you want!!!  Wishing you both a great season, and hoping True-Love is the reason!!!
  • For those that care……he is single……doesn’t sleep around ….and is tired of everyone giving their opinion on what they “think” they know. He loves his fans, but people……BACK OFF & GIVE A LITTLE SPACE! All of this talk is getting OLD!!!!!!
  • They also said that everywhere he goes women throw themselves at him but he goes home alone. I guess he’s a smart guy!
  • Do you people have nothing better to do then go on the internet and write bad things about others you do not know? It is really sad when the only thing you have going on in your lives is to sit in front of the computer and belittle someone else for who they are dating.

I will never understand the obsession women have with Benny. My sister (another awesome one, 30, married, child) thinks Ben is the hottest thing going.  In fact, Ben Roethlisberger could kick her in the face and she’d be all, “OMG.  I’m so sorry my face got in the way of your foot.  Are you okay?  Do you need me to take you to the hospital to get an x-ray?  Would you autograph my face?”

Also, Ben went on the Carson Daly show and denied he has a girlfriend. Liar.


  1. Kendal
    February 28, 2007 8:55 am

    Aww–must be a sad day in Pittsburgh…maybe now people finally get it. Big Ben called himself out by answering a personal question on Carson’s show (dude, next time, just say, “I won’t speak on that” when asked about your dating life. Now you just look like an ass) There was a time when he would have remained tight-lipped about his personal life. But if you’ve noticed, he’s definetely been high-profile lately. And more power to him! We would all be doing that too! But if he is going to play, “WOW, I Truly Am a Celeb Now” game, he needs to be a little smarter. Now all of these women are in a tizzy and pissed because he lied about it. Boys lie. He isn’t above being a jerk. Whatever. And now there’s the story floating around about his lack of work ethic. Face it–maybe Ben just isn’t as spectacular as everyone wants him to be. Once upon a time, he may have been a humble kid from Ohio, but that day has come and gone. I’m not saying he is not a good person–just that he is flawed just like the rest of us and maybe now Pittsburgh fans will see him for what he has become. Just another athlete.

  2. Jeeperz
    February 28, 2007 9:25 am

    And we care because? I agree with PittGirl on this…

  3. Julie_Gong
    February 28, 2007 9:46 am

    “For those that care……he is single……doesn’t sleep around ….and is tired of everyone giving their opinion on what they “think” they know. He loves his fans, but people……BACK OFF & GIVE A LITTLE SPACE! All of this talk is getting OLD!!!!!!”

  4. Julie_Gong
    February 28, 2007 9:47 am

    Its not posting my whole comment… tear.

    “For those that care……he is single……doesn’t sleep around ….and is tired of everyone giving their opinion on what they “think” they know. He loves his fans, but people……BACK OFF & GIVE A LITTLE SPACE! All of this talk is getting OLD!!!!!!” That one is my fav. I mean really guys gawd… give him some freaking space.

    I throw up in my mouth a little everytime some thinks he’s hot. Explain the appeal. Really? Big Ben…

  5. bucdaddy
    February 28, 2007 9:53 am

    Maybe the girls can smell that extra testosterone boost he was getting from the Steelers team doctor. Funny, I don’t see that huge roids bust in Orlando played as a banner hedline at the PG today …

  6. bucdaddy
    February 28, 2007 9:57 am

    For the clueless, from the Albany, N.Y., Times-Union: “Sources also said New York Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement investigators recently interviewed a top physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers about his alleged purchase last year of roughly $150,000 of testosterone and human growth hormone.”

  7. Kendal
    February 28, 2007 10:01 am

    Yeah, I live in NYC. Saw that. Can you say, “damage control”?

  8. bucdaddy
    February 28, 2007 11:01 am

    Y’know, this would explain a lot:

    Ben’s bad beard …

    Cowher’s skipping town ahead of the posse …

    Porter’s mouth …

  9. Pat
    February 28, 2007 11:07 am

    Gotta love Pittsburghers’ treatment of their quarterbacks. How long until someone pours beer on his head and starts a rumor of a homosexual encounter in Schenley Park?

  10. Tep
    February 28, 2007 11:25 am

    Atleast he has good taste in women; she’s very cute, has a warm smile, and I’m assuming she loves math (why else would she wear a plus sign around her neck).

  11. spoon
    February 28, 2007 1:02 pm

    why waste the beer?

  12. Zorro
    February 28, 2007 1:46 pm

    Why isn’t the steroid story in the PG?

  13. BURGH
    February 28, 2007 2:10 pm

    How would someone know that he ‘doesn’t sleep around’, and who cares?

    If the dude wins another Super Bowl, hell-I may throw myself at him.

  14. The Comet
    February 28, 2007 2:18 pm

    Has it occured to you, Pittgirl, that something like 20% of your website hits are made by girlfriends of Ben Rothlisberger?


  15. Joey
    February 28, 2007 4:13 pm

    How is Ben “hot”? He looks like he flew off a bike and hit a car…oh…wait….

    Did you hear about his move to a northern suburb? Over Halloween, a couple of kids went trick-or-treating at his house. He comes to the front gate in a golf cart and the kids ask him for his autograph. His reply: “Its Halloween, not Christmas.”

    Swell guy, that Benny.

  16. loser who sits in front of their computer
    February 28, 2007 4:48 pm

    Wait, wait. You men Ben doesn’t pee liquid gold or sh*t diamonds? Say it ain’t so! Some comments were quite salacious, but damn people, this guy is getting more protection than Manning’s o-line during the playoffs.

  17. PittCheMBA
    February 28, 2007 6:31 pm

    Troy vs. Ben, Troy wins.

  18. Pinto Alegre
    February 28, 2007 9:41 pm

    I can’t wait till we trade or release this pompous ass. He peaked too fast. We won’t get another Super Bowl with him around.

  19. Sarah
    February 28, 2007 9:56 pm

    We can all now go to sleep happy, because there are now officialy pics of the two from Dan Marino’s Golf Tournament last week.

  20. gunnlino
    February 28, 2007 10:27 pm

    I’m not into guys all that much, being a guy myself. Bens good looking, rich and all that but, Ladies please tell me this; does that pubic looking facial hair light you up ? Or what is it ?

  21. GenieBottle
    February 28, 2007 10:31 pm

    Yeah, can’t wait til he goes. Hey, I’ll be glad to start the rumor — I heard he was in North Park in one of the picnic shelters flashing his headlights on and off ….

  22. Kendal
    February 28, 2007 11:09 pm

    Thank God for the pics. Now it’s official and his female followers will hopefully see the light. He’s human–he lies just like anyone else. Now we know and people can quit worshipping him. He’s a football player. Not a god.

  23. Sofa King
    March 1, 2007 9:36 am

    Okay, I’m going to put myself out there and say that my favorite current Steelers are, in order:

    #1- Hines Ward
    #2- Troy Polamalu
    #3- Everyone else

    That being said, there are some people who post on this site (I’m thinking of a couple in particular) who f**king KILL me with their negativity. I am definitely not thrilled with Ben’s life choices sometimes, but let’s give him at least 1 more season before we throw him under the bus…no pun intended. If he sucks again this year, then we can all say that we saw it coming and that his lifestyle caught up with him.

    PittGirl, remember this post for this time next year when Troy’s contract is up and he signs for more money elsewhere. I want to be the first to say “I told you so” when all of the Troy-bashing begins.

  24. Zsa
    March 1, 2007 10:06 am

    All I can say is, whoever suggested on the other post that Ben should date Pammy Anderson is obfiously a Browns fan.

  25. Pat
    March 1, 2007 11:58 am

    Pinto and Genie, please don’t be those yinzer dudes who, after a player has one bad game, says, “He’s a f*cking bum. Get rid of him and put in the local kid!”

    I take it you wanted Cowher fired when he lost those AFC championship games too. Screw this, let’s just plug the Post-Gazette Fabulous 22 directly into the Steeler lineup and we’ll win every game!

  26. spoon
    March 1, 2007 1:31 pm

    my favorite steeler/pirate/penguin is TC the Beer Guy

  27. PittGirl
    March 1, 2007 6:45 pm

    Word to the TC comment.

    Also, I don’t believe we should get rid of Ben. Just because he bugs me to no end, I’m not giving up on his ass. His gross ass.

  28. Pinto Alegre
    March 1, 2007 9:31 pm

    I don’t want to see us get rid of him because of this season. I honestly think that he has already peaked and I think that the accident is going to mess with him mentally for a long time. I met him in person and he was a prick.

  29. GenieBottle
    March 2, 2007 12:18 am

    Pat – I must say, that would be the biggest insult to call me a “yinzer”. I detest the word and the meaning. I am an educated baby boomer. At one time I worked in the professional football genre and had dealings with our former prick coach and the current prick quarterback.

  30. Sofa King
    March 2, 2007 9:19 am

    I can’t argue with you on that, Pinto, although I do hope you are wrong.

    As for his personality, he might be a prick, I don’t know. Hell, if I had his record, money, and Super Bowl ring by the time I was 24, I would’ve probably been a prick, too. Athletes often give terrible first impressions. I met Ward and Bettis two nights before the last regular season game in ’05. Ward was very cool, friendly, and pleasant, and Jerome just looked distracted and indifferent.

  31. Pat
    March 2, 2007 12:58 pm

    Genie and Pinto, true, perhaps my yinzer comment was unfair (though you can’t deny there’s a huge portion of our fellow Steeler fans thinking that way.) I just really disagree with this notion that Ben is past his prime. He got lazy after the Super Bowl (a game in which he played poorly) and it showed all this season, but if anything I think that’s Cowher’s fault for dithering over retirement all season and not inspiring hunger in the team. You saw it in lots of players, not just Ben. He’s still got plenty left in the tank.

    Sucking as a person is often inversely proportional to sucking on the field. Dan Marino is perhaps the No. 1 douche to ever play football, but he also happens to be the No. 1 passer in nearly every category.

  32. Melissa
    March 2, 2007 4:20 pm

    I think everyone should just leave Ben alone. Who cares who he’s dating or not. I think being a great fan is one thing, but all these fanatics who post on Ben’s personal websites need to get a life. I’m sure Ben appreciates his true fans that give him his space. But all you women out there (and you know who you are) please stop deceiving yourself into thinking you have any shot at all with Ben. Its not going to happen. Enjoy the Steelers as a great football team, not for individual players.

  33. bigbenrules
    March 4, 2007 5:57 pm

    I have read through this blog a bit and you want to talk about OBSESSION!! It seems to me that Pittgirl is the one with the OBSESSION with BASHING Ben Roethlisberger every chance she gets. Is she really a Steelers fan? I guess she would rather have Rex “all I cared about was New Year’s Eve” Grossman as our QB. I guess we should have drafted that idiot Eli Manning. Then again, I don’t see Eli Manning making “the tackle” in that Colts playoff game, now do you? I think Ben is an awesome QB. He had a bad season due to alot of things (health, poor O Line, poor play calling, etc). I will admit he is , IMO, good looking, even though I can list quite a few celebrities that are better looking (Johnny Depp, for example). However, I am not interested in dating the kid. Now, could he have handled Daly’s question about the gf better? Sure. I think that comes from being new to fame and a lack of maturity as he must have known that photos of him and Missy were going to come out eventually. Doesn’t make him a jerk, even though he does seem to have this habit of saying one thing and then having what he says ending up being contradicted (saying he had broken toes when Cowher said he didn’t, denying he was dating Gulbis until photos showed up, the fever he had on MNF against the Jags being not as high as Tafoya reported, etc). It is kind of hard to take him seriously in interviews when he has this habit so I usually let what he says go through one ear and out the other, so a lot of you should do the same if what he says bothers you so much.

    As for his dating Missy, I am happy for them. As long as he is happy, that is what I want for him. He deserves to be happy. When I met him, he was very nice to me.

    If he is not your favorite Steeler, then that is fine, but geez, don’t slam him all the time is all I am saying. I hope he will have a good season this year. Thanks for hearing me out.

  34. j
    March 6, 2007 12:23 am

    So the guy is clanking crosses with someone . Good for him. I just wish he would stop being a walking contradiction.

  35. Jeeperz
    March 6, 2007 8:57 am

    I just wished he would have wore a helmet last summer…

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