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You know what to do …

I believe that the Supreme Court will ultimately decide that this is going to be the site chosen,” Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said. “I believe that Mr. Barden will then develop this site and develop the casino and I would be surprised if anything different happens, so that’s why announced this today and we’re moving forward accordingly.”

This is insane.  I mean, really.  This has to be a nervous tic.  No one says this as much as he does.

If liver disease goes on the rise in this city, Lukey will have no one to blame but himself.

Hey, maybe he’s trying to kill us all on purpose by making us drink so damn much.

Maybe we should switch the drinking game to where we only drink when the Mayor speaks WITHOUT saying “move forward.”

(Thanks, Bill)

PittGirl mines Craigslist … all for you.

1.  I guess by “adventure” he means donkey-back riding in the Grand Canyon.  Fun!  Where can I get me one of those ponchos? Nogales?

2. What the hell’s a Percerver?  Is that a euphemism?

3.  Well, I don’t know about you, but when I think “master” I think:  EXACTLY LIKE THIS GUY.  I don’t think he could dominate a mosquito.

4.   She’s never been on a date and watches NASCAR faithfully.  What are you waiting for?

5.   Don’t think there is a group for everything?  Think. Again.

A little to the left. Perfect! SNAP.

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Reader WrigleyGrec mentioned in the comments on the Mike “Soon to be Nicknamed by PittGirl” Tomlin LOST HIS BAG, GASP! post, that the Steelers have superimposed a Steelers shirt on his old Vikings picture.

In looking at the photos, unless Mike Tomlin has only one expression, one hair cut, and one picture pose, I’m thinking Wrigley is right.

Maybe all his Steeler shirts were in the bag he lost (gasp!).

Aliquippa? Super classy.

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Have you guys heard about Aliquippa? About their basketball team’s super classy reaction to winning silver medals at the PIAA Basketball Championship?

In the moments after the final buzzer, the Quips’ players, clearly emotional after such a momentous letdown, didn’t seem interested in accepting the runner-up medals or trophy.

As the Prep Charter team aligned along the free-throw line at one end of the court, the Aliquippa players were scattered and some headed to the locker room. Once the Quips gathered and the medals were presented, the behavior of some could be interpreted as unsportsmanlike. When senior Herb Pope, a two-time all-state player and New Mexico State recruit, was handed his medal by coach Marvin Emerson, Pope immediately dropped it to the floor. It didn’t help that Pope was not standing in line and Emerson had to walk across the court to deliver the medal.

Then, when the team was to accept the silver runner-up trophy, the players reluctantly took it and then placed it on the court near the free-throw line and began to walk off the court. A couple other players retrieved it.

As I read that, I turned from a hot young cool chick into a seventy-year-old, purple-haired school marm who wants to find these kids, take their bubble gum, and use a rolled up newspaper to smack them upside the head for about an hour or so … just until I feel better.

It can’t be said enough. That was super classy.

Losers lose and they lost.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go boil an egg, get my hair reset, play some gin, and drink my Ensure until my stories come on.

The whole lot of them have been named the next Annoying Burghers and their crowns are in the mail … and by crowns I mean GET OFF MY LAWN, SONNY!

Insane Random n@

1.  OMG, Burghers.  This has been like the busiest most insane day ever.  I’m afraid to sit down for fear I’ll never get up again.  In fact, I’m writing this post standing up and jogging in place.

2.  I could sure use a drink.  How about you?  Click here and check the next to the last paragraph.   (Thanks, Skip)

3.  This is quite an awesome T-Shirt.  Very well done and damn is that funny.  I’d like to wear that the next time I see Dick Skrinjar and see if he catches it. Of course, I’d REALLY like to wear a future “Chief of Making Shit Up” t-shirt in front of him too, just to see if I can get a throbbing forehead vein going on him.

4.   More posting later when I can chill for a bit.  What a freakin’ day.  If David Conrad wanted to come and rub my shoulders, I would not hate it.