Joey is rich. PittGirl can yell.

So Joey Porter signed a massive contract with Miami giving him two very important things:

1.  More money

2.  Warmer weather

Lucky bastard.

In the wake of Joey’s leaving, I’ve discovered that fans and players alike are not so much sad about losing Joey Porter the player, but more so losing Joey Porter the emotional leader.

“As a player and teammate, you never want to lose that type of guy,” said Foote, who dressed next to Porter in the Steelers’ locker room and considered him a mentor. “When you get a guy like Joey Porter, you’re not just paying for his services on the field, but his impact on the team and his influence. He never led us in the wrong direction. When you have a leader and a guy who has influence on a team, it can be negative or positive, but he was positive. He kept everyone together. He was a friend to everyone — young and old, from practice squad players to superstars. He kept us all humble.”

I keep reading about how Joey was the leader, the motivator, the locker room shouter.

Look, people, if that’s what we need in the Steelers locker room, I’m more than happy to offer my services to be in there before each game, slapping their asses, giving them motivation, yelling at them some shit about “not in our house”, slapping their asses, etc.

PittGirl can be the next emotional leader of the Steelers.  And I’ll do it for free.


  1. bucdaddy
    March 7, 2007 11:07 am

    Hope all that rah-rah nonsense is worth $20 mil guaranteed to the Fish, cause they’re on the hook (sorry) for JoPo until he’s 34. Ugh. Anybody wanna bet who will have the better overall record the next five years, Stillers or Fins? … Also never thought I’d see the words “Joey Porter” and “humble” used in the same breath, even if they’re not directly linked.

  2. the_suburbanite
    March 7, 2007 12:06 pm

    Grossly overpaid by the fish, they’ll regret it in 2-3 years.

  3. Pinto Alegre
    March 7, 2007 1:48 pm

    C’mon now PittGirl. The only reason you’ll do it for free is because you want to be in the locker room to see Troy’s naked bum. Admit it. You know that’s why. :)

  4. PittGirl
    March 7, 2007 2:26 pm

    See it, AND smack it.

  5. PghLesbian
    March 7, 2007 3:48 pm

    “He was a friend to everyone — young and old, from practice squad players to superstars.”

    Not so much a friend to Kellen Winslow, the entire gay community or miniature horses to name a few. Good riddance.

  6. fstar
    March 11, 2007 1:35 am

    the dolphins are going to regret this deal down the road. the steelers have been pretty good at knowing when to let players go.