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End of work day random n@

1. The Penguins, as you obviously know, are headed to the playoffs, ensuring that the Pirates will be the losingest team in the city this year. Does anyone want to take PittGirl to a playoff game? Particularly a seat from which I can smell Sidney Crosby’s sweat.

2. Reader Michael wrote:

Are you on the scoop about the movie being filmed in Pittsburgh with Blair Underwood? The crew has been busy at Don’s Diner for the last few days.

Dude, if I were on the scoop about Blair Underwood’s whereabouts in this city, I’d take a day off just to stalk the fine piece of ass, so no, I am not in fact on the scoop. Anyone out there needing me tomorrow can find me at Don’s Diner. Now anyone out there know where the hell Don’s Diner is?

3. How long do you think it will be before Mayor Lukey says the words “move forward” at a press conference and the entire media contingent bursts into laughter? Soon, I hope. Because really, that’s my goal … to see Dick Skrinjar looking around a room of hysterical media folks and saying, “What? What’d I miss, damn it?”

And …………….. DRINK!

After the Mike Tomlin post, not only did reader Johnny mention in the comments that Tomlin (soon to be nicknamed by PittGirl) mentioned “move forward” about three times, I also got emails from readers Cynthia and Manolis mentioning it too.

Man, this city is just itching for a reason to drink this morning, aren’t yinz?

Well, thanks to reader RichinPgh bringing my attention to The Busman’s Holiday, your wish is granted … TWICE:

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl: It was a decision that the chief made that he felt was appropriate at the time, when the initial investigation was completed and I supported him in that endeavor. As we know now, the judge and the court felt differently. And we respect that, and have moved on, and felt this was in the best interest of everybody to move forward from this point.

We respected the judge’s decision. I’ve said that then, and I’ll say that now, and we look forward to moving forward.

Don’t mess with Mike Tomlin’s bag.

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Boy, if you had any doubt in your head that this city would maintain its absolute manic obsession with all things Steelers, you can put that worry to rest.

I first saw this story on KDKA news this morning, here’s the account in the PG.

He preaches aggressiveness, and this week Mike Tomlin showed just what that might mean in his new job as the Steelers’ head coach. USAirways, Tomlin said, lost the bag he checked on his direct flight to the NFL meetings in Phoenix from Pittsburgh and gave him the run-around since that occurred Saturday night. Sunday, he was told his bag was in Phoenix and would be delivered to his hotel within four hours. He waited; no bags. He called, again and again.

Monday, Tomlin rode to the airport “to dig it out myself.”

“I get over there, and they tell me the bag is not there,” Tomlin was saying at breakfast yesterday morning. “I said, ‘I’ve been talking to your call center all weekend, and they said the bag is here.’

“They said, ‘I don’t care what they told you on the 1-800 number, your bag isn’t here.’ ”

He was offered a $25 voucher on his next flight for his troubles.

“Well, somewhere during the conversation, I see my bag behind her in a pile,” Tomlin said. “I said, ‘That’s my bag!’ She said, ‘Sir, your bag’s not here, the computer says’… I said ‘I understand what the computer says, but I’m looking at my bag! It’s a black bag, Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s my bag.’

“So, I walk around the counter and at that point, she started to get mad. I pulled the tag off and showed her it was my bag. I had to dig it out myself.”

This is news? Really? The airport lost his bag and it makes the news and just so they don’t seem like idiots (props to me for not writing “the idiots that they are”), the media ties it to his aggressiveness as a coach.

Can I ask you, if you went to the airport and saw your bag sitting behind the counter and the stupid smiley girl was telling you they don’t have your bag, wouldn’t you just go behind the counter and get your damn bag too?

God. What’s next?

Sonni Abatta: Coming up, Mike Tomlin asks for no onions on his Whopper and gets QUITE a surprise.

Keith Jones: Boy, he sure didn’t have it his way, did he?

PittGirl didn’t die.

She got smote with a migraine and tried to gouge her own eyes out to relieve the pressure.

Migraines suck.

Posting to resume normally as soon as I can see straight.

Lukey wears jeans.

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Do you think at any point during Lukey’s evening strolling the South Side one late night with a WPXI camera crew and jeans (!) he said any of the following:

1. Is there any way I can move forward in this line? Hey! DRINK!!!!!!!

2. Is PittGirl here?

3. I really want to understand exactly what happens on the South Side late at night, so I’m going to have to get totally hammered. This is how I help.

4. Would you like a “Lie Like Luke” button? I mean a “I LIKE LUKE” button! Whoops.

(h/t Spoon!)