One down …

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Manager Jim Tracy: My goodness, did you see that?”

Ryan Doumit said: “Dude, that was fun!”

Jason Bay said: “What a feeling in the dugout. I mean … my gosh.”

Chris Duffy said: “That was awesome!”

My goodness, did you guys see that? And without Freddy Sanchez no less.

Apparently PittGirl is so desperate for a winning season of baseball that after just one game, I’m all, “This is it baby! This is the year! We won our season opener! Wahoo!”

And you know what, dudes? It WAS fun to watch.

My gosh, indeed.

One down. 161 more to go.

I’m asking my Magic 8 Ball if this is the year of .500 ball and it is saying … “better not tell you now.”