Random n@

1. I think Woy said it best in his email to me this morning:

The Pirates are 2-0! Holy shit!

2. I came in 23rd place out of 26 in the Sportsocracy [dot] org Pittsburgh Celebrity NCAA Pool. I received an email from Jim of Sportsocracy saying he hoped we all enjoyed it. Yeah, losing is so much fun. Next year, I’m going to kick some ass … hopefully Andrew Stockey’s.

3. Note to self, when any of the following are required to remove me from my home … seven hours, a forklift, partial demolition of my home, a zoo ambulance … it might be time to put down the Snickers bar.

4. Does this mean we all have to start drinking Sam Adams? Also, does this mean that everyone in Boston is going, “Ew, I’m never drinking Sam Adams again if it’s going to be brewed in (gag) LATROBE!”


  1. Johnny
    April 4, 2007 11:27 am

    When Sam Adams started, they used Pittsburgh (see Iron City) Brewing to make their beer. It said it on the label. I used to win lots of beer bets with people in Boston on that one. The looks on their faces was hilarious. Then the contract for brewing moved elsewhere and now it is back. Time to win some more bets. Btw, this is really more of a Pittsburgh beer since it has been brewed here more than anywhere else. People will drink Pittsburgh beer as long as they think it comes from a more highbrow locale.

  2. Nate
    April 4, 2007 11:49 am

    I don’t think Sam Adams has ever really been brewed in Boston. The ‘brewery’ that they have there is for show. And I’ll gladly substitute all my Rolling Rock bottles for some Sammy.

  3. spoon
    April 4, 2007 11:58 am

    it’s an upgrade but Sammy still blows. The Longshot package they came out with from the homebrewers contest was decent though.

  4. spoon
    April 4, 2007 12:00 pm

    oh yeah, I finished 19th *neener neener* in the pool.

    you and I will have to RPS for Stockey. You hear that Andy! We’re gunnin for you next year! WOOOO!

  5. Z
    April 4, 2007 3:15 pm

    Love me some of that Sammy Rock…er, Rolling Adams…f*** it….whatever. It’s good swill.

  6. Chase
    April 5, 2007 7:23 pm

    Sam Adams sucks!

  7. Sofa King
    April 6, 2007 11:54 am

    Aww, c’mon…Sam Adams kicks ass! It’s a little too hoppy to drink more than a couple at a time, but I’d drink it over Rolling Rock any day. In fact, I already do!