Random n@

1. Spotted and photographed by reader Dave at the corner of Seventh and Liberty:

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Ok, you might not get this if you’ve never seen Clerks (see first paragraph under “PLOT”).

2. I think I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lopez now.  She’s just so … neat.

3.  Anthony is just screwing with me now.

4.  If the Y108 (What?  Shut up, you.) traffic reporter doesn’t stop telling me that “there are a lot of cars on the road” every chance she can, I’m going to flip.  I get it.  You’re a traffic reporter.  That’s because there is traffic.  Traffic is by definition a lot of freakin’ cars on the road.  Gawwwd.

5.  Is there any more ludicrous of an interstate exit than the Glenwood exit on the Parkway East?  A 15-foot exit lane off of a highway on which cars are travelling well over 65 miles per hour.  There is so much “smartness” about that.  Just about as much smartness as the Myron Cope-befuddling bottleneck of interweaving cars on the Fort Pitt Bridge.

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  1. bucdaddy
    April 11, 2007 6:54 pm

    Just one guy’s POV, but …

    J-Lo = ew.

    J-Lo + PittGirl = whoo!

    Eagerly awaiting the video.