Sonni reads the Burgh Blog? Sonni reads the Burgh Blog!

Sonni Abatta emailed me:

Your boy is makin’ it big time! Matt Lamanna was featured this morning at 4am on World News Now (ABC). Don’t tell anyone I watch the competition. :)

Couldn’t find the video online, but here’s the story link:



I emailed Sonni to ask her permission to post her email.

Welllll…I guess it’s okay to post.


P.S. In the words of another local TV anchor, your blog truly is “legit.” :)

While I pat myself on the back for the legit-ness of my blog, you all should stop imagining what Sonni was wearing when she emailed me and go read about the hot dinosaur man who is putting the Burgh on the map.

Also, if you Google “Sonni Abatta” the Burgh Blog entry shows up first, and this is the 8th Google image to pop up:

That’s awesome.


  1. spoon
    April 11, 2007 12:43 pm

    She taking credit for making it “legit” now? shite Hammer!

    How many drinking games has Sonni started that… ummm… err… nevermind. cheers ya lushes!

  2. honda driver
    April 11, 2007 2:25 pm

    PittGirl. I say kill two birds with one stone. Introduce yourself to Matt Lamanna and have him take you to New Jersey to watch David Conrad in Henry V for your birthday.

  3. Woy
    April 11, 2007 3:55 pm

    The big time is 4am?

  4. DW
    April 11, 2007 4:07 pm

    I saw Sonni at the airport recently….in the words of Borat “very nice!” Too bad I didn’t have this info to strike up a conversation as the bum-bum pic rocks.

  5. Bram R
    April 11, 2007 5:59 pm

    I must stake out this So-Ni. I’ve heard so frequently that recorded media does not do her justice, and your photo is surely no exception. Plus, Ken Rice looks like the teacher just called on him while he was napping.

    So unfair. No one thinks to upload the newscasters to google and youtube when they are looking presentable, and not tripping balls.

  6. Dano
    April 12, 2007 8:18 am

    Sonni rocks…Wendy rocks…PittGirl rocks…did I miss anyone?

  7. meme
    April 29, 2007 5:53 am

    What ever happened to that groth on Sonni Abatta neck ?

  8. JacobS
    June 28, 2008 10:30 pm

    She reads it only cause she’s googling herself all the time!